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Stone November 22, 2010 Conspiracy Theory: The Umbrella Man On November 22, 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as “JFK,” was assassinated in the Dealey Plaza located in Dallas, Texas. Many believe that there was only one assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The Umbrella Man, another conspiracy theory along with many others, says different. The conspiracy of the “Umbrella Man” involved two men, one with an umbrella and one at the corner of a street with his arm in the air.In photos taken before and after the shooting, the man with the umbrella opens the umbrella, closes it, then pumps it open about two feet in the air. This conspiracy theory has many twists to it. During the Bay of Pigs invasion, the CIA wanted an “umbrella air protection of the invaders.

” Kennedy did not approve, therefore some believed the umbrella was to symbolize that decision. The most recent theory believed was the umbrella was a dart-firing weapon. Most believe that it was a signal for the gunman that fired the shots that killed President Kennedy.The Warren Commissions theory states that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only assassin and there were three shots fired, killing President Kennedy and wounding Governor Connally. At least more than two people had involved in the “Umbrella Man” conspiracy.

We only know about the two men, the man with the umbrella and the man at the corner of the street with his arm in the air. These two men could have been the only men if the umbrella was in fact, a dart-firing weapon.During the investigation, the Warren Commission ignored the two men involved with the umbrella. The “Umbrella Man” theory could have been what actually happened to President Kennedy.

In pictures taken before and after the shooting, there are pictures of the man with the umbrella. There was also no need for the umbrella because there was no rain, it was a sunny day. If these two men were the ones who killed President Kennedy, the Warren Commission conspiracy would be incorrect. I believe this theory could be correct because of all he pictures that show evidence. There are many theories and conspiracies that could have killed JFK, but we do not know which one.

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