Christian Arnold November 28, 2010 Thomas Paine At the beginning of 1776, Thomas pain was a novelist who came to America on Ben Franklin’s request.

He was famous for writing the book “Common sense” which was basically about expressing current idea to capture the attention of the public. Pain was also very skilled in style more than thoughts. He spent most of his early life in England experiencing personal failures and experiments. The connection between religion and government was simple.Thomas Paine attacked all forms of religion meaning he didn’t have a specific religion he worshiped so that means he wasn’t Christian, he was more towards a atheist. At that time he felt England’s government was very unconstitutional, meaning basically the people had no rights. So he made concepts relating to government easy for people to understand . Paine’s view of religion was also very plain he had no real religion to fall back on.

Basically whatever was in at that time he went on and went with.He did this in order to reach the colonist who didn’t have an idea of what he was talking about. Paine was successful in expressing current Ideas that caught the publics attention. Thomas pains view of equality related to America against Britain was the division from England when America and France entered the political scene which unrepairably should’ve declare their independence, this called colonist to unite with him for the fight for their independence.

The king had proclaimed the colonists to be rebels, rejected their petitions with disdain, and was preparing to send a crushing force hither, men in every station in life began to speak out boldly in favor of independence. Because, after the major defeat in the first battle he wrote the first “American Crisis” paper, which was so persuasive that Washington did not hesitate to order a reading to the troops. “Independence is now the only bond that will keep us together.We shall then see one object, and our ears will be legally shut against the schemes of an intriguing, as well as cruel, enemy.

We shall then, too, be on a proper footing to treat with Great Britain; for there is reason to conclude that the pride of that court will be less hurt by treating with the American States for terms of peace, than with those whom she denominates ‘rebellious subjects’ for terms of accommodation”, stated Pain.Thomas Pain was an excellent role model for early American history, his achievements are noted throughout history as you can see. Thomas Pain was at times a complete jerk and had no regard for the human race but on the other hand he made life easier for people to understand by creating this famous book “Common Sense”. As an American citizen I am really thankful that Ben Franklin talked him into coming over to the United States to help us out.


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