IT Service Continuity Management responsibilities include.

..? A) Analyzing risks. Testing back-out arrangements. Drawing up back-out scenarios. Q) In IT Service Continuity Management various precautionary measures are taken, for example using an emergency power provision. Which ITIL process could also initiate this kind of measure? ) A) Availability Management. Q) Of which ITIL process are Reliability, Servicability and Maintainability components? A) Availability Management Q) What is the meaning of the term serviceability? A) The degree to which the provision of IT services can be supported by maintenance contracts.

Q) What’s the definition of the term “Mean Time To Repair” (MTTR)? A) Average downtime of a service. Q) Which ITIL process manager requires a report specifying the duration of an interruption of a configuration item? A) Availability Manager Q) The application sizing activity is part of capacity management. What is application sizing? A) Determining the hardware capacity required to support new or adapted applications.

Q) The capacity manager asks the user of an application whether a certain activity can be peformed at night so the CPU is not overloaded during the day.What part of the capacity management process does this refer to? A) Demand Management Q) For what is capacity management responsible? A) resource management. Q) Which ITIL process is responsible for determining the hardware necessary in order to support an application. A) Capacity Management Q) An analysis has been made regarding the expansion of the customer information db. The result indicates that the mainframe disk capacity must be increased. Which process is responsible for sharing this information on time? A) Capacity ManagementQ) Which ITIL process is responsible for analyzing risks and counter measures? A) IT service continuity management Q) Which ITIL process aims to trace business-critical services for which supplementary emergency measures must be taken? A) IT Service Continuity Management Q) Which ITIL process carries out a risk analysis on the possible threats to and vulnerabilities of the IT infrastructure? A) IT Service Continuity Management Q) Which ITIL process provides an insight, through the modeling activity, into trends that could cause performance problems in the future? A) Capacity Management.


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