Essay1st draftTigranHayrapetyan Travellingis very important, because it makes you understand the world, enlarge yourhorizons. By means of travelling people get educated. Anyway, the opportunitiesare not just flying in the air to catch them, and not everyone can travelwhenever and wherever they want.

If I had the opportunity to visit a foreigncountry for two weeks, that country would be China. I choose Chine, because Iwould like to see its breath-taking landscapes, try their incredible food andlearn more about their rich history. Firstly,I have seen a lot of landscape pictures taken by Chinese and those photosmarvelled me. Sometimes I think how beautiful the life would be, if everyonenoticed what the Nature has made for our planet. My favourable destinationwould be “Rainbow Mountains”. As far as I am concerned, that place is mostlyignored by ordinary travellers like me, and is deeply admired by photographers,so it would be a privilege for me to explore it all by myself.

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Thesecond reason to visit China is their mouth-watering food. It is not a secretthat China has a big variationof delicious and non-standard meals, especially made with differentcombinations of chicken and rice. Although here, in Armenia, we do have theopportunity to eat Chinese cuisine, I would prefer to try it in the “originalcountry”.

Finally,China has a really rich history, which makes me want to know more and more, andgo deep in it. Actually, in the last 20 years China has completely changed andthe process has taken faster than in any other country in the world. I findthis case so interesting and as a citizen of other old country I would like to see thedifference between my country and China. Toconclude, I want to say that travelling takes one of the most significant partsof one’s life. My opinion is that China has all the chances to be the countrythat is worth visiting. But in any case, travelling is never enough and each ofthe countries has its specific reasons to be unique.

People should catch theopportunity whenever they can and go travelling, because travelling is aboutfinding things that they never knew they were searching for.


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