The Lion King is one of the most classic children story’s told till this day. It has your traditional good guy, bad guy story line. Where you will see evil rise and then a hero will lead the good to overcome. Although if you read between the lines you will see classic pieces of literary retold and a lot of symbolism representing discrimination and many more problems that we are face with in today’s society. As you will see this story follows the same plot as Hamlet and makes underline references towards gays and blacks.If you have ever read the story of Hamlet you can see that The Lion King draws close comparison in themes in which both stories are about power, family conflict, revenge, responsibility, and interpersonal relationships. The comparison between stories runs deep in which both Simba and Hamlet were born to be the successor of Kings.

Furthermore, both are cheerful children but in The Lion King, Simba cannot wait to be king, however, Hamlet doesn’t want to be king. Also there is a close comparison in the way the villains die in each story. In Hamlet, Claudius kills Old Hamlet by poison and he suffers his end to a poisonous drink.While in The Lion King, Scar kills Mustafa by pushing him off the hill and he suffers the same ending as he falls of a cliff.

In addition to me reading this story, as I went into depth I saw a lot of comparison to social struggles that we have in society. Starting with the character Scar, who is tied with signs of homosexuality through his many characteristics. Through me watching the story yesterday I saw many references made towards Scar as being “weird”. As well as how the hyenas accept Scar as one of them and cast off the fact of him being a lion.Moreover, in this film he is tagged or labeled as “the other. ” Adding to this, the film is mostly bright and when he(Scar) takes over as the head of the land everything becomes all dark and gloomy and the circle of life has vanished as if there is no reproduction.

Nevertheless when Simba returns life is restored and everything becomes “bright” again. Another way I interpreted this movie is as racist in ways. In which the hyenas were depicted as black. In which they were lazy plus goofy and also were made cast a ways from all other animals. Whenever hyenas came around the other animals would go the other way.Further I can recall a scene where Scar took over and all the hyenas were marching as foot soldiers or slaves.

With more to add every scene featuring hyenas also became dark and gloomy. As you can see even when reading a classic story such as the Lion King different readers can generate an array of analysis through symbolism and imagery. If we take the time we can unfold messages or get a variety of thoughts or viewpoint from a simple children’s book. Furthermore, from a different set of eyes you saw how an old story such as Hamlet can be retold to fit younger viewers interest and also how a movie ca n tell a thousand stories.


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