The movie that i wanted to watch for this project caused me great trouble. Not because I couldn’t find a copy of it, but because I couldn’t find the ideas that I wanted in a film. Searching through IMDB.

com I found this movie that I had not seen. It had this cover and this name that turned me off. Just something about did NOT seem like the type of movie I wanted my final paper to be on. After much pushing and pulling from my girlfriend I got the movie and watched it.The film follows Sam Lowry and his quest to find the girl of his dreams. But working in the corporate world Sam is not using the full ranges of his mind, at least while he is awake. In Sam’s dreams we see such wonderful things like him flying and kissing a girl. We see him battle the corporate monsters and free the people who have been captured by the Government.

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After same takes a promotion he is in charge of finding and questioning this female named Jill. All is nice and lovely with Jill until Sam founds out that they want to torture her and put her in jail.So he runs and disobeys everything he knows, but not everything he feels. He becomes a new man and in the end Sam gets onto a commuter and makes Jill “dead” so that they can runaway together and be happy. The police find Sam and Jill and take Sam away. Sam is tortured by the government and freed by a terrorist group just so he can run away and be happy with Jill somewhere far away from the city. As a viewer however we see that Sam has actually gone crazy and is being tortured while dreaming of these wonderful things, and Jill is dead.This Film really gets its philosophy across.

Within the first scene of the film, we learn the time, but the place is not relevant it says “somewhere”. And as people of a society we get this. We have no say in what goes on in our government. And Sam, being a part of the Ministry of Information, knows this more than anybody. Sam gets wind of a situation where the wrong man was prosecuted and killed.

The last name of the man was Bulltle; they wanted a man whose name is Tuttle. You see, Tuttle is a vigilante repair man.He goes around and fixes peoples AC. This is something that can’t be let out of the inner circles of the government. But this opens up the viewer’s eyes to how much Sam’s government is withholding. The ideas of the government and those of the people that Sam interacts with are funny at some points in time. His elderly mother gets a surgery to look younger, and the surgeon painting on his mother’s face with a paint brush instead of the usual marker.

Technology makes a debut into this film as well. They only make one size T. V.

/computer screen.It is so tiny even though its components take up a lot of room, so the user needs a magnifying screen to see the little tiny screen of the computer. The best thing in this film is the paper work. At every step and every other corner the people of this world find paper work that they must complete. Each place of business reminded me much of the DMV.

In Sam’s dream world all of these things are taken care of. All the answers to all his problems are swiped away, but for some reason he keeps on going back to his Sam self. That is until he meets Jill.Jill is his liberation from the sick twisted world that he lives in. no more mundaneness, no more paperwork. But the government kills her and takes away the only other thing he had, his freedom. He spends the entire film finding her and fighting for her freedom just to have it taken away in a few seconds. There is this scene where the Minister of Information comes to see Sam in his cell and he is dressed as Santa.

He says that he is doing all that he can (we know it’s a lie) and offers him a bottle of liquor, he says something like, “it’s all that I can do right now. Then he tells Sam that he better be off and that he can’t hold up the orphans. I think this is funny because the people of high statutes always have somewhere else to be. And Sam just like you and me could be thrown a bone or two but instead the head honchoes hand us a bottle of rum to say that they did try their hardest. But who could be mad at Santa. In the final scene Sam is miraculously freed by the rogue repairman Mr.

Tuttle and his band of terrorists who have a massive gun fight and all of them get killed but Sam and Tuttle.They go out and blow up the Ministry of Information then run away together. Mr. Tuttle gets eaten by all the paperwork that was released from the explosion and Sam is left all alone. He runs into a building, the building is holding a funeral, for Sam’s mother, only it’s not her funeral but the funeral of all the fat and other old stuff that she got replaced. The cops break in and he jumps into the casket.

The casket leads him to an ally. The ally however is occupied by the police; luckily Sam finds a door in the brick wall.He opens the door to find himself in a house on the back of Jill’s truck.

They ride out of the city and spend the time together. As the viewer we know that Sam is actually “dreaming”. The last scene is of Sam sitting in the torture chair and of his good friend Jack (the torture-ie) walking away.

As the audience we get the cold hard facts of life. We have no control. The control is given to people who do not know how valuable the control really is to each person. And as Sam learns, the only way to get away from the government/annoying people/technology is to let your mind go, it’s to dream.


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