The video the crossing is about the American Revolution it takes place in the early 1700’s. It is at a point in time where George Washington is the general over the continental army. It is December 23 the times were extremely difficult and General Washington just announced that we will be attacking Trenton on the 25 of December Christmas eve. The rest of the troops are restless and cold.

Most of the men don’t understand why we are attacking because we have very little food and ammunition.Also we have not won a battle yet and have been running from the red coats to stay alive. It is now December 24 and we are all scrambling to go threw with general Washington’s orders. Were getting what little cannons and ammunition ready for the big battle. Our objective is to catch the Hes ans off guard and defenseless by attacking by night. It has started to rain and is getting very miserable most of are troops are not ready for battle but will go anyway.We have to cross the river witch makes thing a lot more difficult and will make us a lot more tired and exhausted.

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December 25 It is now Christmas day and we are fearing for our lives. The Hes ans are well trained in battle tactics and have more superior weapons. But we have enlisted till the end so we will fulfill our duties. The crossing of the river is going to long and cold. This is were I end my journal for the day need to get on my boat.


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