The Tell-Tale Heart from the point of view of the old man Curse this eye! A curse be upon this cold, lifeless form that rest in the socket where a vibrant, living eye once was. I believe I shall never fully adjust my vision to my one living eye.

Thanks be to heaven for the lad that has come into my life to take care of me in my old age. He makes me yearn for my lost youth. So full of life is he. I thought for so long I would spend my last years on this earth alone, stumbling around my house. But then he came.

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He came and shed a new light on the darkness of this old man’s waning life. Each morning, the youth greets me with a hearty, “Top of the morning”, and asks me how I slept. He is so gracious, so kind. It truly warms my heart to know that the lad is in the next room as I sleep at night, diligently watching over me. The hour is late. Night has pulled its veil upon this old house once more. My bed is calling to me like a seductress, full of alluring promises of restful pleasures for these tired old bones. She bades me come even now, and I hearken to her call.

Who’s there? ” I am gripped by fear at the sudden noise. Curse this eye! I can’t see anything in the blackness of this room with two good eyes, much less one. I’m too scared to move.

Is it a thief come to steal my treasures? And what of the lad? Surely I would have been awoken by a struggle. The youth would have defended me with his life. Maybe it’s just a mouse crossing the floor. All seems quiet now. But wait! What is this sudden burst of light? “Ommph! ” Where am I? The darkness is so thick. What is this weight that binds me? Can’t breathe! Help! Help me lad! Hel…


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