All of my teachers have had an impact on me one way or another, but the most significant teachers for me were Mr. Nicu Carturescu, English; Mr.

Stanescu Marcel Volleyball; and Mrs. Lori Fernandez, English as a Second Language (ESL) Mr. Nicu Carturescu was a great teacher. He was my English teacher in Romania. First, I appreciated his skills in English. He had studied in the United Kingdom and spoke very fluently. I also considered him a very prepared teacher.

He always had our lessons planned before class. Second, he was a good explainer.He always gave us his best for us to improve our knowledge in English. He liked to correct us when we made mistakes in grammar and pronunciation. He was a patient teacher and did not scream at the students when someone didn’t understand something. In addition, he was good listener. He knew how to listen to us and engage in conversations. He encouraged us to engage in conversation with him as well.

He was tuned in when a student had difficulty understanding subject material or when a student had having personal issues. He knew when to step in and when to back off.He was a great teacher because he had knowledge, he was a good explainer, he had patience and he was a good listener. Mr. Stanescu Marcel, my volleyball coach, had a major influence on my life. To start he recruited me to the team and introduced me to the game. He saw that volleyball was something that I was good at and found potential in me.

Without him I would have never played volleyball. In addition, he encouraged my parents to make sure that I stayed involved in the sport, as it was something he knew I could go far with. Because of him I went on to play volleyball for many years.

While playing for his team I became a top player and we won many championships. Another thing I liked about him was that he understood his students better than most people. He understood where his students came from, who we were, and he knew the best avenue to take us to who we would become. Also, he was a teacher that had an unusual understanding of what he taught because he was an expert in his field. Mrs. Stanescu Marcel had the rare ability to see the best in people and worked hard to make sure he brought that out in each of his students.Mrs.

Lori Fernandez was an important teacher for me. She was my English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher in the United States. For one, Mrs. Tony was an effective teacher. When I first got here my English needed a lot of work. After I enrolled in her class I was able to make a lot of progress.

She noticed how quickly I was learning and she encouraged me to push myself harder. Another quality she had was a commitment to help her students to do their best. She went out of her way to give me extra material to study and exercises to practice.With her help my English improved faster than I expected. Thanks to her I am now able to finish my education in a language that was once difficult for me.

Mrs. Tony Fernandez was an effective teacher whose commitment taught me valuable skills for the future. Mrs. Stanescu Marcel, Mr.

Nicu Carturescu, and Mrs. Lori Fernandez believed in me and they helped me to believe in myself. They taught me the importance of continuing to learn something every day. These life experiences and lessons are the things that shape me, the things that made me become who I am.


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