Assignment Topic 2010/11 “To what extent is Taylor’s theory of scientific management still useful for managers today? ” Submission Guidelines Word limit: 1,500 words (10% variation either way accepted) Submission deadline: Monday 13th December 2010 before 10am Submission procedure: • Please submit your assignment in person in hard-copy (do not email your assignment) to the post-box in P28, the Undergraduate Enquiries office, on the ground floor of the Aberconway Building.

• Please number your pages and complete the front-sheet overleaf and attach to the front of your assignment. Your assignment must be bound securely, either by stapling the pages together or by placing in a secure plastic folder. Please do not place loose pages in a plastic wallet because they can easily get separated. Assignment Support • The lecture on 16th November will explain more about the format and referencing required for the assignment. • A ‘drop-in’ assignment advice session on 30th November is available if you have any brief queries you wanted to ask the lecturer (Note: this is not a lecture and is not compulsory).The final tutorial (weeks commencing 15th Nov and 22nd Nov) will cover two aspects relevant for your assignment: (a) What makes a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ assignment? (b) How do I cite references in my assignment? • You can also ask your tutorial tutor for advice on the assignment. While tutors are unable to read and comment upon complete assignments because of time constraints, we are available to give you advice on essay plans, or specific questions about the course content.

• Please email me at [email protected] ac. uk if you have any specific queries about your essay plan or about aspects of the course content you did not understand. Note: I am unable to tell you what to put into your assignment, this has to be your own work o Note: I am unable to read through complete assignments due to time constraints, but I am happy to comment on essay plans • The staff in the library will be happy to help you conduct searches of the literature, and find the sources listed in the reading lists.

Reading List • The reading lists for each lecture that is relevant to this assignment [including Taylorism (lecture 2), Hawthorne experiments (Lecture 4), Human Relations (lecture 5), Post-Fordism (lecture 9)] are listed in the module pack.They are also listed again on the last slide of each lecture. Note: The page numbers for the reading will change if you have a different edition of the textbook – instead look up the keyword (eg.

Taylorism) in the index at the back to find the correct section. • In addition, selected journal articles for each lecture topic have been uploaded to blackboard. Remember the ‘Hierarchy of Sources’ from the first lecture when searching for additional sources for independent reading.

HIERARCHY OF SOURCES SCHOLARLY SOURCES Peer reviewed journals Books Chapters from edited Collections TEXT BOOKS Eg. Buchanan & HuczynskiPOPULAR (GURU) MANAGERIAL TEXTS Eg. Collins, J. (2001) Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t. New York: Harper Business WEBSITES Only use for sourcing the above, or gathering company information, news stories, etc Start with Text Books and then move on to other Scholarly Sources. If you want to do any additional searches, confine yourself to the journals listed below. We have subscriptions to them all via: Cardiff University Website – Education – Electronic & Subject Resources – Electronic Journals –Cardiff University Electronic Journals Portal. Staff in the library can assist you with searching these journals.

You will find some sort of ‘Search within this publication’ button somewhere on each journal site. You can do a number of searches, using different key words as you think appropriate. Academy of Management JournalJournal of Management Studies Academy of Management ReviewJournal of Managerial Psychology Administrative Science QuarterlyOrganization British Journal of Industrial RelationsOrganization Science British Journal of Management Organization Studies Human Resource Management JournalPersonnel Review Human RelationsSociology International Journal of Human Resource ManagementWork Employment & SocietyWEBSITES Be careful! A Google search using the word ‘Taylorism’ produced 99,500 hits when I tried it. Many of these sites are places where you can ‘buy’ an essay online, or other websites of questionable quality like consultancy companies or management associations. Before you cite one of these sources, think carefully about who put the information onto the web, what type of expertise they have and who is funding their activities.

The questionable value of Internet sources was illustrated in an assignment that was submitted on last year’s People in Organisations course, when the question was about ‘mentoring’.When describing the benefits of mentoring, one student cited a website describing ‘Lincoln Correctional Centre Mentoring Program’. While the source was correctly referenced, perhaps it wasn’t the best choice of supporting evidence for a business management assignment – it concerned a scheme designed to rehabilitate women prisoners in Nebraska, Canada. http://www. corrections. state. ne.

us/news/index. html? topic=details&news_id=20 Assignment Front-Sheet (please complete information and attach to the front of your assignment) BS1529 PEOPLE in ORGANISATIONS Name: Student Number: Date: Wordcount:


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