What does it take for College Students to Stress? Everyone in life knows what stress is and has been through it once in his or her life, but what is stress? Stress is a normal physical response that makes you feel threatened or upset your balance in some way (Understanding Stress 1). Even though a little stress is good for people, they need to know when they have had enough stress. For example, when college students stress, it is taken to a whole other level like getting too overwhelmed with college; therefore, their stress can lead to depression or students may turn to drugs and alcohol.

Stress can come in many ways for college students. These days college students stress out about financial problems because of their tuition and not having enough money; academic stress because of teachers and passing their classes; lastly, with their own personal life and how they can balance their own problems with school. In this economic crisis everyone is counting his or her change, especially college students. It is no wonder that money and the issues of finance are a main concern to students (What are the Most Common Problems Students Face at College or University? 1).

With having to worry about gas prices rising, textbooks rising, and tuition rising this is a college student’s worst fear. Almost all students are constantly lacking funds and have to find ways to finance their housing and also get their nutrition (What are the Most Common Problems Students Face at College or University? 1). And with the cost of classes rising that makes tuitions rise to an extreme high. Students’ working part time and only getting twenty hours a week at minimum wage is not enough for a student to be able to pay a five hundred dollar tuition due every month.

This causes college students to drop out of school each year because they cannot afford it (10 Common Problems Students Face during College 1). While in school, college students face different kinds of responsibilities in making sure that their work is turned in on time or getting the grade they want. When students have to make sure that they have time to study, work to bring in the finances, and do their homework, this results to cramming in a lot of studying in a short period of time (What are the Most Common Problems Students Face at College or University? 1). College students sually stress when they face the transition of high school to college. They do not realize the work load they receive, and that they are now on their own. Students check up on their own progress, their work is no longer done in class and they are responsible for their own attendance. College packs about two years of classes into one (10 Common Problems Students face During College 1). Even having the right teachers can be challenging. Students will wonder if there are good teachers and question their ways of teaching. The main problem that college students face is how they can juggle their personal life with school.

Overseen circumstances happen all the time, like the death of a family or friend, or a sickness. When someone loses a family member or a close friend, this can be extremely traumatizing and lead to depression, which causes some people to turn to drugs and alcohol. In order for students to pay for their tuition, they have to find a job either full time or part time. Since most college students are not used to juggling their time with college and work they do not get enough sleep and often get sick and have to stay home from school.

With this circumstance happening missing a class is crucial, students have to catch up on their homework and class work, which makes them fall behind. Therefore, every college student is going to go through stress, but each person will handle stress differently. Though some stress is not always bad because it can help perform under pressure and motivate students to do their best (Understanding Stress 1). There are many ways that can help students overcome stress. Students can plan their schedule, break their tasks down, or make a “to do” list, and lastly what most college students do is not to procrastinate (Stress Management 1).

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