Have you ever thought of the positive and negative effects that sports have on children and their future? The positive and negative ways sports effect children and student athletes and their choices in life.

Professional athletes have worked all their lives which influences children and student athletes to work hard and teach them good ethics. Not all athletes make smart decisions though which can also be a bad influence on student athletes and their futures. Body ProofsThere are several types of ways sports influence children, student athletes and their futures. It depends on how they watch the athletes and which athletes they are watching, all athletes have different personality’s and have different reactions to each sport they play. A lot of people have heard of the Micheael Vick situation which is one example of an athlete having a negative influnece on children and student athletes.

Another athlete that everyone made a big deal about is Brandi Chastin when she ripped off her shirt after scoring the winning goal in the World Cup.The media made to big a deal about this because its not like she stripped down to just complete skin she had a sports bra on and the male soccer teams always throw their shirt up over their head when they score just a regular goal in a exhibition game. Also the womens U. S. Volleyball team wear a two piece bikini which is also aired on national television.

But she still showed some negative influence towards the girls. Those were some negative influences on our american culture towards children and student athletes.There are always going be negative influences in professional sports and there are always going be positive influences we as fans and audience have to learn how to see pass the negatives and focus on the positive influences. Body Proof #2 Ive also noticed how professional athletes do sometimes get away with a lot of wrong doing but only to a certain extent. They dont just get completley off the hook for example going back to the Michael Vick situation he had to serve time and all types of community service in order to get reinstated into the NFL.Also another athlete Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years for shooting himself in the leg. This is a little rediculous because he had no intentions of using it on anyone obviously since he’s a NFL superstar who probably just had it for protection and didnt know the safety off. So I dont understand why he has to serve time just for having a gun on him.

So professional athletes get the same treatment as normal people they just get a little leniency because their american athletes and work hard at what they do. Conclusion In conclusion


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