April 16, 2010 Simulation One: Soy-DRI Vice President of International Operations I am currently holding the position as the vice president of international operations. I have held this position for six years, and two years in my current position. My job is to ensure Soy-DRI’s international profitability. My area of responsibility includes manufacturing, distribution, and sales in the European and Asian sectors. The director of sales, marketing, and manufacturing (one each in Asia and Europe) currently report to me. There are currently some issues concerning the Slab-Dri and Pet-Dri products.I have been notified by the general council indicating there may be a potential problem with customers’ misusing Slab-Dri and Pet-Dri.

The CEO has contacted me and would like for me to come up with a comprehensive plan to resolve this matter. As the vice president of international operations, I will continue to stand by Soy-DRI’s domestic and foreign operations. Something about using garage floor grease absorbent or litter box odor absorbent powder never sat right with me. I am often criticized for overlooking the demands, needs, and responsibilities of domestic operations in favor of operations overseas.Globalization has always been a top priority for any corporation’s competitive advantage.

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Pet-Dri is currently the best-selling product for Soy-DRI. Slab-Dri generates the company’s second highest sales levels. Pet-Dri has the same formulation as Slab-Dri, but the product is beige so that it can blend with other pet litter products. This could be misleading because it has industrial strength ingredients, within both, which could irritate adult’s and children’s skin. Although the sales are going through the roof internationally, there is potential that this can leak out in our other markets and cause us to get recalled off the market.We can also be sued for not having any warning labels indicating there is potential risk using our product. Someone within our organization may have contacted our ethics audit hotline, in which the word will spread quickly.

We must contact the international manufacturing company and advised them about the key ingredients that may be in our products. Soy-Dri must act fast before this undergoes legal investigation. We have duty of diligence and loyalty with our stockholders and customers to make sure they are aware of what’s going on. I will be following up within the next two weeks to see if there has been any change.


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