The Skin Care Industry Boom Edit Article | Posted: Nov 10, 2009 | Views: 250 | Share Ads by Google MF3 Vegetal Placenta www. vegetal-placenta. com The world’s only Swiss Made Vegetal Placenta Nutritional Supplement Anti-aging/Wrinkle Serums www.

phenomenaskincare. com New peptide based anti-aging serums Matrixyl3000 Hyaluronic Acid EsterC As we grow older, our mind, as well as our body ages. In fact, aging is most visible in the largest organ of our body-the skin. This is because the turnover of cells begins to slow down and results to decrease in new cell reproduction.Aside from this biological fact, external factors such as overexposure to the sun’s rays, lack of exercise, unbalanced diet, inadequate fluid supply, and unhealthy lifestyle greatly contribute to the skin’s aging.

When the skin begins to breakdown due to these biological and external factors, crow’s feet, fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots begin to appear on the thin areas of the body such as the hands, foreheads, circle of the eyes, curves of the mouth, on the cheeks and even on the neck which can result to damaged skin. THE WONDERS OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY IN ELIMINATING THE SIGNS OF EARLY AGINGIn order to avoid the aging of skin in its early stages, more and more companies and beauty specialists continue to create programs, products, and services that can minimize or even eliminate the signs of aging. In fact, this emergence of various anti-aging products and services has made the anti-aging skin care a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. Today, almost all forms of media carry advertisements about anti-aging products and services. Newspapers, magazines, radio commercials, TV advertisements, and various online campaigns feature anti-aging products and services that teach people on how to take care of their aging skin.

In the market of anti-aging skin care, non-invasive anti-wrinkle creams, skin tightening creams and skin lightening products are considered as the most popular anti-aging skin care products available. They come is various brands, composition, and age brackets so as to cover all of the targeted market of consumers. Due to the boom of the skin care industry, skin care is now included in the line of products that are called, “cosmeceuticals”. This term is coined from the words “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” that refers to cosmetics that has biologically active ingredients.

The most perfect example of cosmeceuticals is the anti-wrinkle creams that contain cellular enhancing ingredients along with different kinds and combinations of skin vitamins that are believed to possess anti-aging properties. Another example are various non-invasive anti-aging methods like creams which are said to be formulated with active ingredients that aid in the induction of blood circulation beneath the skin’s surface while providing extra nutrients to the skin that helps repair the aging skin’s elasticity.With the boom of the anti-aging skin care industry, people can expect that there will be more and more products and services that will be available on the market that can help in taking care of the aging skin.Read more: http://www. articlesbase. com/health-articles/the-skin-care-industry-boom-1443496. html#ixzz18xfyxtCL Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


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