I just planned on saying something like ‘Our report is on Sir Isaac Newton’.

In 1643 he was born to a man who didn’t want him so his mother was supposed to take care of him but, she wanted to raise a second family with a new husband so she took him to live with his grandparents. He lived there until 1653 when his mother returned. By then he was ten years of age and had already been denied plenty of attention from his mother possibly explaining his complex character.

In his life time he exceeded what the average man was capable of by far. He’s mostly known for his three laws of motion but, he also studied mathematics and later went to Cambridge to study law where he attended only by becoming a servant after his mother refused to pay for his education. However, he was taken out of school to fulfill his job as a farmer which he did anything but succeed in. He based some of his thoughts off of Galileo’s theories.He completed the three laws in 1666. Principia (published in Latin in 1687 It is believed that he first started studying the effects of gravity after watching an apple fall. Why did it fall, and what determined the speed at which it fell? It is believed that this incident, as well as his curiosity for seeing stars and planets above without them falling to the ground, led him to develop the laws of motion.


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