‘Success is not governed by colour, creed, age or orientation: Success does not discriminate nor does it know boundaries. It does however depend upon dreams, persistence and self-belief.

The moment you lose confidence in yourself, failure will follow’ 1. Each of us, irrespective of means or circumstance, strives for some aspect of greatness in our lives. Each of us is a genius in some aspect of our existence. There are things I can do brilliantly, which others cannot.Similarly, there are things which others can do that I can’t. These are the things which drive us to greatness and empower all aspects of our world. 2.

Unfortunately we often lose our way due to stress, outward pressures, distractions, reduced finances and a host of other impacting issues we allow to permeate our lives and derail us. Each of us has a true purpose in life: Many of us continue from the cradle to the grave without realising just what it is.Others still, have a perfect vision in their minds of just what it is they are destined to achieve and exactly what it will take to get to that special place. 3. ‘Never be afraid of what you might achieve. Instead, be more afraid of what you might not’ 4. As children, we’re often told by those who should know better, that we’re not tall enough; smart enough; creative or good looking enough to do anything special with our lives. Often it’s a well intentioned parent, sibling, friend, neighbour or complete stranger who negatively impacts our psyche and sets us on a path to nowhere.

5.This can continue through our teenage, youth and young adult years to such an extent we actually believe the venom of others and adopt the negativity as our own. It impacts our lives and overshadows every aspect of our development. 6. Very often, those who bombard us with this negativity are endeavouring to shield us from disappointment (they have encountered) by imposing their values on us. They view our lives through their eyes and therefore, the image is distorted. 7.

‘An acquired action will soon become a habit, with acceptance through quiet affirmation and dedicated application’ . Others however are jealous of our drive, focus and determination: Perhaps they secretly see we have exactly what it takes to rise to the top and they do their best to stall our evolution so we remain at their base level, so they can smugly say to us, “I told you so! ” 2 ‘I autograph each and every day of my life with my personal signature of success. Achievement comes because I commit to ownership of my positive, results-driven actions’ There are several steps we can take to overcome these negative influences: 1.Build a wall of positive energy around ourselves by writing down our dreams and wishes in a journal. Wherever possible, refrain from including negative thoughts and emotions and instead be positive and upbeat; 2.

Develop a Creation Board © on which you post positive words, phrases and pictures. Look at it every day and empower your life, especially in those times when you feel the darkness of negativity descending on your life; 3. Enrich your life every day with positive affirmations. These can be as simple as:- * I am an incredibly creative person and my success is growing every day; I am a beautiful, healthy and happy person and my wonderful life is unfolding before me; * Opportunities to be successful and abundant are manifesting every day in my life as I move closer to my dream of success and prosperity. 4. By empowering your life, you’re signaling to the Universe your intention to capitalise on the innate gifts you possess and in so doing, move past the negative blocks which threaten your future.

5. ‘The difference between success and failure is not just one’s ability to dream, but the courage to follow them and take the steps necessary to embrace success’ . It is important you build your self-belief and know beyond question you are a special and gifted person. You must empower your dreams with continued positive affirmations every day and in spite of what others might say/do, never give ownership of your dreams to another. 7. It could become a constant struggle. However, if you keep the horizon in sight and allow the light to shine on your life – even fleetingly – the moments of clarity and colour will continue as you step from the darkness of oppressive associations, into the light and sunshine of opportunity.

8. Never allow the mediocrity of others to impact your growth and development. Where they see failure, you must see success. Where they envisage only darkness, you must view sunshine and brightness. Where others see no future, you must embrace light, clarity and opportunity. 9.

‘If you believe you can, you will: If you think you can’t, you won’t. Whatever you believe – you will inevitably become. Once you accept (positive thoughts and actions) negativity, you embrace (success) failure’ 10.Self-belief also supports self-respect and where these two powerful tools abide so too do focus, drive, determination and optimism. 11. Keep hold of your dreams and goals, in spite of what others might say or do. Take charge of your destiny today and never allow darkness and gloom to dwell in your house. Wherever you go, you must create your future and nurture it through positive thoughts, words and actions every day.

12. `‘My gratitude, love and optimism dictate the positive and lasting impact I have on others on a daily basis’ 13.I wish you all a wonderfully empowered life. Live with courage and purpose and know beyond question you are destined for greatness. Open the door to the many opportunities which manifest in your life today. 14. Your future will unfold irrespective of what you do.

Take affirmative action today to create something magnificent. You have the power: You possess the skills and you are enamored with the determination and skills to create and maintain a truly incredible existence. ‘Keep hold of your dreams and follow them, because they surely won’t follow you’


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