Topic: Second hand smoking is bad for your health. General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform audience about the effect second hand smoking can have on other people. Thesis Statement: Second hand smoking can be prevented by quitting or doing it somewhere where it wont harm other people. Introduction: Attention Getter: Have you ever been somewhere where someone is smoking and the smoke blow in your face? Think about horrible it smells plus the danger that the smoker is putting your life in.

Reason to Listen: Second hand smoking can affect all people and it is important to know the consequence for it and how to prevent it. Speaker Credibility: I have done my research on this topic. Preview Main points: First, I will describe what second hand smoking can do to you. Where the problem occur at and what is been done to get it under control. Body: A. What is second hand smoking? 1. Second hand smoking is know as environmental tobacco or passive smoke. A.

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Burning tobacco as two mixture to it which is the side stream and the main stream.B. Side stream is the smoke that comes from the end of the cigarettes and mainstream is the smoke that the smoker exhale. 2. We may think these two things are the same thing but its really not. A.

The side stream smoke has a higher concentration of cancer- causing agents than the mainstream smoke. B. It also contains smaller particles than mainstream smoke which goes into the body cell more easily. B. Second hand smoking causes health problem? 1. Second hand smoking has been link to a few disease and death. A.There as been an estimate of 3,000 lung cancer death in non smokers.

B. Also, an estimate of 46,000 death from heart disease was determine to be the cause of second smoking. 2. There is also other problems that happen due to second hand smoking. A. Second hand smoking can cause pneumonia and bronchitis in children 18 months and younger.

B. Also, it increases the severity of asthma attacks in children. It also can cause ear infection in children and low birth weight babies in pregnant woman. C. Where is secondhand smoking the problem? 1.Second hand smoking is especially expose in area where most people tends to be at.

A. The workplace is a major source of second hand smoke exposure for adults. B. Everyone can be expose to second hand smoke in public places such as restaurants and shopping center. Also, at home it can have a greater effect on your family since that’s where they would be most of the time. 2. What can be done about second hand smoking? A.

Several laws restricting smoking in public places have been passed. Also, federal laws ban smoking on domestic flights, buses, train and federal buildings.B.

Many state and local governments have pass laws prohibiting smoking in public facilities such as schools , hospitals, parks, beaches restaurants and bars. Conclusion: Summary and restatement of main points: Today, I talk about what is second hand smoking. The health problem that can be cause by second hand smoking. Where is second hand smoking the problem. What can be done about second hand smoking.

Reason to Remember: The next time you decide to lit a cigarette in a public area, think about the people life that you’re putting at risk. Kerrian Brown


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