Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Method Taylor adopted a different approach by introducing a step-by-step method to determine best practices or the “one best way” in performing a job and thereby establishing the proper pay-rates for the job.

Taylor’s scientific method was of great influence to industrial companies and it completely revolutionized the organization of work in industrial organizations. Taylor’s methodical approach to determine the “one best way” to perform a job consisted of the following steps: 1. Select a sample of skilled workers and carefully study the job being done. 2.Carefully list each operation including extensive detail on each task being performed. 3.

Utilize a stopwatch to time each task being performed. Repeat this step over a period of time to obtain an average of the time it takes to perform each task. 4.

Identify and eliminate any unnecessary tasks that are performed to finalize the job. 5. Identify any improvements, tools or techniques that can be adopted to reduce the time in performing the job.

6. Establish new and informed times and pay-rates for the job. 7. Lastly, all workers are trained to perform the job in the “one best way” identified.Frederick Taylor’s 4 Principles of Scientific Management Following his experiments on the best way to increase productivity in industrial organizations, Taylor proposed his four principles of scientific management: 1.

Work methods based on a scientific study of the tasks carried out should be adopted. 2. Employees should be scientifically selected and trained by the management and not left to their own devices.

3. Managers should train workers and audit the workers’ performance to ensure that the adopted scientific methods are being properly performed. 4.Work should be divided between managers and workers so that managers can apply the established scientific methods and processes of production, whereas the workers can perform the job according to the established procedures.

Taylor’s scientific method to establish work procedures resulted in reduced timeframes to perform jobs and introduced rules and procedures to industrial management. Taylor’s method became known as work study and it was embraced by several organizations. It was eventually also applied to office and administrative jobs and it became a precursor to systems analysis.


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