On the face of it, this statement seems to be utter nonsense.

Science helps us to make our live easier and more comfortable. Its discoveries enhance the standard of living. In principle, the effect of the application of scientific discovery had been to improve by allowing Man to use the world’s natural resources to the fullest. Nowadays, technology is getting more advanced. Simple machines such as pulleys and levers have now become complex and efficient through the application of technology.As such, there has been an increase in wealth, and therefore purchasing power to both the community and the people. Furthermore, the urge to travel and explore the world and to develop its natural resources has been well served by science. What’s more, science promotes health and longevity.

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For example, the government starts providing healthcare services for the aged. Facilities and amenities are improved in public places and residences. With science, there is an improvement in the quality of the living conditions. More people are educated and more jobs are available.However, this does not mean that science do not create troubles for us, humans.

In advanced countries, the real power has actually fallen into the hands of nuclear scientists who possess the means of whole sale destruction. Such thinking of scientists’ is often because of psychological immaturity and fame. It will be dangerous if they were to reveal their potentially risky secrets one day. In this sense, science today is indeed the enemy of Man.

Furthermore, there are many examples which show that science never solves a problem without creating ten more.One example is H1N1. During the H1H1 outbreak, doctors tried finding the cure for it as soon as possible. However, the effective vaccination was created only after many volunteers risked their life either for the experiment or to receive the first few doses of the medicine. Some suffered from side effects. By the time the supply of more vaccines were made available, many patients died while waiting for it. Thus, science is neither Man’s enemy nor friend.

Everything depends on Man’s attitude towards it and whether he wants science to be his master or his servant.


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