Mohan is a kitchen hand supervisor at Janani Restaurant situated in southern suburb of Sydney. Mohan is responsible to supervise five people working in kitchen. Mohan has been working in the restaurant for the past one year.

Mohan has seen many people come and go under his supervision, however, restaurant manager, Abiral, is happy with Mohan’s performance and with his supervisory skills that he has displayed over the years. Mohan is also motivated to work as he has not had to face any major complaints from restaurant manager.All staffs working under his supervision were happy with work environment and hours they were getting and had no complaints against Mohan or restaurant.

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I joined Mohan’s team one month ago. I used to work at Fish Face, an upmarket restaurant, which had a very different culture to Janani, local restaurant. Fish Face would expect its employee to be professional at their work with proper dress and safety shoes and employee are required to be punctual, unlike Janani, where staffs were working without proper dress or safety shoes and staffs were not punctual at work.Mohan believed that all employees should lead a balanced life between work and leisure. He was not strict to employees who were late; the only thing that matters to him was that job should be accomplished. For me, the cultural transition from Fish Face to Janani has not been easy so far.

However, Mohan is having bad days; one of the chefs of the restaurant is putting pressure on Mohan to employ one of his brothers who has never worked in kitchen before. After discussion with the manager, Mohan appointed chef’s brother, Aryan, at work.After the appointment of new staff Mohan began to notice that some of his staffs are arriving late at work and on many occasions his most reliable staffs, Laheru, Pradeep, Lincoln and Bikash, who have been working with him for more than five months have been leaving restaurant half an hour early before completing their shift and they seemed unhappy and were not performing to the optimum that they were capable of. Aryan’s appointment at Janani has not been particularly well received by other staffs as Aryan did not undergo training period which was compulsory, secondly he was slow to work and had less to no idea about duties of kitchen and, thirdly Mohan was allocating him more hours as he was under immense pressure from the chef for which he had to reduce shifts of other staff, which lead to dissatisfaction among old employees which was reflected by their job performance as they began arrive late at work and finished work one hour late. This impacted me as I had to attend lecture at university early morning at 8 a.

m. and I was not happy with what was going on in the restaurant as it was affecting my studies.It seemed like all members of kitchen-hand group were working at different direction rather than working as a group to achieve a common goal which is to keep the kitchen clean and to upgrade the restaurant standard to Three Star Restaurant in a year’s time. After one month of Aryan’s appointment I, Lincoln, Pradeep, Bikash, and Laheru approached Mohan and presented him our resignation from the job. If Mohan is to live up to the expectation of his manager as effective supervisor then he has to convince his reliable employees and stop them from leaving the team.


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