The development of any state depends to a large extent on availability and usage of electricity. Haryana is one of the fastest growing States of India. Major input in its developmental growth is electricity. Though Haryana Power Sector has been making all out efforts to increase installed capacity of generation successfully, however, the pace of development has been faster. Consequently, the State is facing a gap between demand and availability.

Conservation of electricity by consumers is an easier way, involving no cost, to fill the gap.Conservation of electricity is becoming a vital element of economic growth giving benefit to state’s exchequer as well as accounts of consumers. Conservation of electricity is more essential due to the concern for fast depletion of non-renewable sources of energy in the country. Conservation of electricity necessary to save the environment and the Earth from warming. Considering the prevailing situation, it is the responsibility of society to look at the problem more seriously and make attempts to ensure proper and judicious use of electricity. We cannot afford to waste electricity at all.Switching off electricity when not needed, maximum use of natural light and air, use of energy efficient equipments of correct size, refurbishing of electricity gadgets and motors in operation, etc. are some of the simple methods, which save electricity.

Educating the general public on the methods of conservation of electricity and possibilities of spending less on electricity can go a long way in reducing electricity requirements. The Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam wish to work together with its consumers for raising awareness on need to conserve electricity. It will be a contribution of both the power…


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