The hotel that I am researching on is Four Season Hotel. It is located at 21 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario. This is close to Bloor Street and Avenue Road. This hotel consists of thirty-two floors and has maintained its freshness through frequent renovations. However, throughout all the renovations the hotel was able to keep its signature elements like the lobby’s impressive black and white marble floors and a cove ceiling bathed in soft light. Moreover, the Lobby, the Avenue Bars, and the lounge in the hotel are also attractive to those who live in Yorkville area.Finally, this hotel is also one of the major gathering place for the Hollywood stars during the Toronto Film Festival, which held in Toronto every September.

This hotel has a few strengths. Firstly, it is located in the heart of Yorkville, which is Toronto’s most fashionable shopping, dining and entertainment area. Furthermore, it only takes ten minutes for the guest of the hotel to get to downtown business district by TTC (Toronto Transit Company). Secondly, the hotel offer wide variety of services and attractive to its guest.Some of the services the hotel offer is fitness facilities, pool, and spa services. The fitness facilities offer wide range of equipments.

It also includes changing areas, separate men’s and women’s saunas, massages and private training sessions. On top of that, the facilities also offer Virtual Workout, which can guide the guest through the workout, regardless of their fitness level. The heated indoor – outdoor pool with sun deck and lounge chairs are also one of the service provide by the hotel. The wide variety of spa service provide by the hotel can also be arrange privately at the guest room.Finally, this hotel offer a competitive rate, which include hotel dining credit up to hundred and twenty-five dollars Canadian per room per stay.

This hotel also has a few weaknesses. Firstly, the location of this hotel is in the heart of Yorkville, which is one of the most traffic congested area in Toronto. The traffic congestion in that location may cause inconvenient to the guest of the hotel. Secondly, the insufficient parking space provided by the hotel is also a problem to it guest, especially for those who travel from a long distance to Toronto.

Thirdly, Yorkville is a much crowed area; therefore it may not be suitable for those guests who enjoy a quite stay. Finally and most importantly, is the rate of the hotel. Even the hotel has provided a dining credit up to hundred and twenty-five dollars Canadian it still cannot compete with some of other hotel / motel in that area, especially for those guests who only looking for a low price room to stay the night. In term of opportunities this hotel is in a very good position. Firstly, this hotel is located around major attractions of Toronto.Some of the attractions are Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Gardiner Museum of Geramic Art, and The Art Gallery of Ontario.

Most of those attractions are located five to twenty minutes walk from the hotel. As a result, the hotel may offer the tickets to those attractions to its guests. For all other attractions that are located more far away from the hotel such as CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, and Harbourfront, the hotel may also arrange some local tourist for its guests. Therefore, the hotel can improve its competitive advantage against its competitors in the area.

Secondly, this hotel is offering luxurious guest rooms and suits which is one of its competitive advantage. Those luxurious guest rooms and suits are very important especially for those guests who enjoying luxurious staying and those who come to Toronto for business purposes. In term of threats, this hotel is not in a very good position. Firstly, the hotel is located around all other famous hotel such as The Hazelton Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, and Inter Continental Hotel. All those hotels are only located five to ten minutes away and they also offer similar rooms and services to Four Season Hotel.As a result, it is very difficult for Four Season Hotel to standout amount those famous hotel in the same area. Secondly, the rate offer by all other hotels which offer similar rooms and services in that area will directly affect the number of guests who plan to stay in Four Season Hotel.

Finally and most importantly, is the dinner credit which currently offered by Four Season Hotel to its guests. The dinner credit may increase the competitive advantage of the hotel but it also reduced the profit margin of the hotel.With the profit margin went down the hotel may force to reduced its high end service which will have a long term effect on the hotel. In conclusion, Four Season Hotel has some strength because of its location in Yorkville, the services it provided, and the dinner credit offering to its guests. However, the traffic congestion in Yorkville area may cause inconvenient to its guests. Furthermore, the rate offer by this hotel is not very competitive compare to the lower end hotel / motel in that area.In term of opportunities this hotel is located around many attractions and the rooms and services offer by this hotel may increase its competitive advantage. However, this hotel is located amount all other famous hotel which is a threats to this hotel.

Moreover, the dinner credit offer by the hotel will also lower the profit margin which may have a negative long term effect. As reason from above, I think Four Season Hotel is still in a very health position even though there are some threats, but those threats are still manageable.


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