This film is based on the research of Nicholas Baum, a man who once saw Bosch’s painting called “The Garden of pleasures” and since then couldn’t live without not trying to find the meaning of the great amount of symbols in the painting. When he started researching he found that interpreting Bosch’s works is a very difficult task, because there were too many opposite opinions on this topic. So, he needed to come up with his own ideas and he did.

He decided to research the biography of Bosch, the atmosphere of the time when he lived and to base his interpretation of the Bosch’s creatures on it. He found out that in the XV century people lived in the world that was very socially stratificated and there was nothing pleasant to wait for. Contemporaries of Bosch could wait only for tomorrow that is worse than yesterday.

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That’s the reason why through almost all his paintings he represents frightening pictures.He tries to show peoples’ sins in the brightest way to make humankind think and become a bit better. People say it’s impossible to show sins in such a way and be a person who is not familiar with it. Nicholas Baum’s research, I suppose, didn’t make anyone exclaim “wow”, because there is nothing special in his conception. Moreover, he represented some facts from Bosch’s biography, that couldn’t really be connected with the works of the artist.Talking about my own opinion, I find Bosch a really talented artist and I like his manner of painting. I won’t say I really enjoy the topic of his works.

His method of teaching people reminds about the pictures at the packet of cigarettes in the many countries nowadays. It shows disgusting things and people try just not to look at it, to hide it somewhere deep and far away from eyes. In the same way people may not want to “listen” to Bosch’s teaching.


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