Community and Family Studies – IRP Project Plan Research Proposal: The community group that I have decided to work with and research about is Youth (between ages of 15 – 24 years). My research will be based on the issues of concern for youth and assess their impact on overall wellbeing. The issues or concern in which I will include are teen pregnancy and obesity in teenagers.

Justification: * My reason for choosing Youth as my topic is because I believe in researching what the community is for and against in certain issues that can cause an impact on and overall wellbeing.I chose Teen Pregnancy as one of two issues as it is focused on the age group between 15 and 24. Teen pregnancy has been an issue since the 1900’s and I am interested to see the statistics of how common it is and if it has decreased or increased within the past 50 years.

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During this research I will also look into how common and the effects obesity in teenagers. Australia has been proven to be the world’s obese country. By researching this chosen topic I believe I can learn a lot from what the community and youth have to say about teen obesity.

By sending out surveys and showing the effects of what obesity can do to you.I hope to change the ways of people who are on the verge of obesity as my research will include the effects of what obesity could do to your body and overall wellbeing. Researching these particular issues I hope I am able to change the minds of people in the younger generation more than the older as the future is in the hands of the younger generation and if they are aware of the consequences and gain better knowledge of Teen Pregnancy and Obesity in Teens, they will hopefully be able to change the overall wellbeing on the youth aged between 15 and 24. * * Description of the Primary Research Metholodologies to be used.Including Sampling Process: * Surveys and Questionnaires: I have recently created a survey on the website www. surveymokey.

com and I believe by surveying the public I am able to gain effective opinions and beliefs on the issues I have listed. Having a record of my survey from the public will enhance better knowledge of the issue. * Personal Interviews: I will interview my family, friends and the public on what they believe the community should do to prevent obesity and teen pregnancy. The interviews I will video to look back and examine the expressions and the body language the public use towards the two issues.An outline of possible secondary sources of data * Newspaper Articles: Newspaper articles are a great way to read and understand what one person can agree and disagree on with different issues involving the Youth. The writer of the article could be someone who has suffered from either one of these two issues. * Internet Statistics and Information: Internet statistic I believe are a great way to show the research that has been put into the issues I have chosen. I have found and done research on many statistics within the two issues and I have already found a better understanding or how common and uncommon certain things are.

The Internet also shows how it is affecting the wellbeing of people of all ages especially 15-24 year olds. Guidelines to address issues such as bias and ethics: * Who is going to be interviewed/surveyed to collect the data? I will be interviewing members of a youth centre, which I have found at Holy Spirit Parish in North Ryde. The survey I have created over the Internet I will print and hand out to people and ask to mail back to me or to hand it back. I will also email it to family members, friends of my age and friends who are a bit older to complete the survey and find out their perspective of both the issues I have listed. When is the data collection going to take place? The collection of my survey is already in process and I am receiving them back with great responses. I will be visiting the Youth group within the next few weeks so I can collect my data and they can complete my survey as well.

I will also be surveying and asking the students of MSCW about how they feel about the issues. * Where is the data collection going to take place? My collection of data will be taking place at Holy Spirit Parish and MSCW, as I will be recording the interview I have with each member of the Youth group and each student.The survey I have created is going to be collected by email, mail and by personally handing it in to me. * How will bias be avoided when collecting information? Being Bias will hopefully be avoided when I collect my data for my IRP. I will be asking the people I am interviewing if they are comfortable with all the questions and if they are under the influence of specific information being researched and them being asked about it. By interviewing people from different youth groups and age groups I believe I will be able to receive a positive and accurate perspective on Teen pregnancy and Obesity in Teens. How will issues of ethics be addressed during the IRP? I will address the issues of ethics during my IRP by giving the people complete privacy of the interview so their views and perspectives of curtain issues are between the two of us and not the rest of the youth group. The information they have given me will be set exactly the way they have said it or answered.

Also the questions I will ask in the survey they are able to leave the question blank if not comfortable answering it for particular reason, which do not need to be dealt with. Timeline:A description of the proposed project data: Analyzing and interpreting data My data will be interpreted in many different ways including my surveys/questionnaires that I have given to people to answer, also the interviews I have given to collect data for this IRP. I have decided to film the interviews I will be giving so I will have them on record for future research. Bibliography A bibliography is a list of books, articles, and other sources you use when researching a topic and writing a paper. The bibliography must appear at the end of your paper.

Bibliography entries must be written in a very specific format, but that format will depend you the particular style of writing you use. I will use a bibliography to show the references I have used for my research plan. Including my surveys and interviews I have used, each person is a reference. Appendix An appendix is supplied at the end of a report as an extra material. Examples of an appendix are copies of my surveys and the recordings of my interviews. I will use an appendix in my report to show further knowledge and an understanding of the issues.

Presentation of report My report will be presented as a book.I will create the book so the pages are my report on each page. I have sketched the design of my book and have been in contact with people from big w and they are able to help me create my book for my IRP.

Selecting appropriate diagrams and illustrations I will include pictures of teen mothers and videos of how teen mothers cope. If they are still in school and continuing to get an education. The diagrams I have for teen pregnancy are the statistics I have found and I will create graphs showing the statistics.

I will also use the diagrams I have listed or obesity in teenagers as well.


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