The Baby Hatch Many countries throughout the world have adopted a new form of adoption. The baby hatch idea seems to have come a just the right time for places such as Malasia. The concept of this idea is that a mother can drop her child off anonymously to be adopted by another family. This idea came about when authorities began to see a developing problem with abandoned babies.

According to www. bbcnews. com many babies are left in garbage cans and on streets by mothers who are too ashamed to keep them.These young women fear the judgment of a strict muslim culture. In this country where there is no sex education in schools, unmarried pregnant women are shunned and looked down upon. In order to avoid shaming the family most girls simply leave their babies in gutters and trash cans. Authorities however have started taking such offenses much more seriously due to the increase of babies found dead.

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www. orphancare. org says that the baby hatch idea was brought to life by an organization called orphan care.

The first facility, located in Germany was built to help single mothers care for their children. Through out the years this idea has spread to many other countries around the world such as Japan and Pakistan. The facilities have evolved to accomidate different situations, such as unwanted children.

The latest addition to the centers is the “ baby hatch”. this is a hatch located near the door to the facility. A mother need only open the hatch, place a baby inside, and walk away.

Once the hatch has been opened an alarm goes off inside the building letting a worker know that there is a child to retrieve. Also once the baby is placed inside an air conditioner automatically turns on to the space provided for the infant. This idea is thought to give women an option that does not bring shame to them personally, and save the lives of many unwanted children. Around the world there are many countries that do not teach any kind of birth control besides abstinence until marriage.


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