Intro – intro sentence -concise summary of “lottery story”: “wh” = answer all these for sure- when, where, what, who , how kids (including dany h) villagers officials warner adams tessie symbolic objects a tale with a dark message, with a dire warning, strange story of a parable with a relevant, timeless story. identify the story, author and a brief, phrased description of the story itself. ^intro sentence thesis sentence – all these groups enact shirley jackson’s warnings about the horrors of blind obedience to authority. Shirley Jackson tart setting it with time and space-something along the lines of when the story took place (sometime in the 20th century, contemporary) where it takes place-north east, rural america, where corn is raised. 2nd sentence – jackson’s story begins/opens in the 20th century of rural america (thats an example). talk about the characters a little and blah blab blah say something about the late comer, tessie, after everyone else is gathered.

talk about suggestions given by the writer through character’s actions, of what will/might happen and how it relates to the story and message. nd paragraph – segue – why why do these people do what they do, their reasoning?Their completely unquestionable, blind obedience to authority in the story. do not question the officials, the act.

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the message is blind obedience to authority is always going to result in disaster. then comes the argument itself- then add two outside sources then conclusion then mla then rough draft will be completed. ——— stanley milgrom? doris lessing or erich fromm can be used as other sources. when introducing milgrom-you need more than a basic introduction-use first, ast name and his credentials-but because of the experiment and it’s importance to the quotations, you need to take a couple of sentences and briefly and concisely summarize his experiments and query into the dynamics between authority and obedience. test and understand it. stark authority pitted against an individual’s conscience.

when using lessing or fromm – because of the nature of their essays, no elaborate measures/explanations necessary. first, last name-a word or two about credentials and mention the relevant things to this analysis paper. social philosopher. pent a lot of her life living in diff parts of the world, understands from life experience group dynamics as they play out in different groups all over the planet.

quote. works cited- authors are in alphabetical order, remember that!!!!! the lottery -duh, primary text – from roots to branches, an anthology.


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