What is the reason of a “throw-away” society and make necessary recommendations? It seems that we are addicted to a habit of throwing away anything around us as soon as it is thought useless, which is a threatening social ailment. As for me, two contributing factors can be identified. Initially, modern technology renders it possible to replace the old with the new at a faster pace. it is a fact that because great strides are achieved in science, one-off products have permeated every corner of our life.Accordingly, this so-called convenience leads to the phenomenon that the used chopsticks, shopping bags, and water bottles are littered randomly.

Moreover, lack of the awareness of environmental protection exacerbates the serious problem. It is highly probable that we throw away articles not on the purpose of contaminating environment, but involuntarily and we are blind to the relevant detriments.Therefore, gradually rubbish accumulated at an alarming rate, environment falls victim to this ugly behavior. Before our society becomes waste dump, it is high time that relevant measures were taken. Firstly, one-off products should be strictly controlled or abandoned, if possible. As we know, easy access to those products is the main culprit of the popularity of this head aching practice.

Secondly, the environmentally friendly education should top the agenda of the government.Obviously, if everyone is fully informed of preciousness but fragility of environment, he or she will think twice next time as for throwing away anything. Inevitably, the satisfactory solution to the throwing away society calls for cooperation and coordination between government and individuals. In the future, it is hoped that the society will turn from a throwing away one to a recycling-oriented society.


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