Apart from being problem plays , Pygmalion and A Doll ‘s house deal with the common theme of transformation of individuals . In Pygmalion, Shaw explores the idea that if a person is born in a low class and gets the opportunity to be trained in the ways of correct speech and manners then he or she can easily come to the social and intellectual level of the higher classes . He proves this by transforming Eliza Doolittle, a poor flower girl from the slums, to a sophisticated woman by changing her speech .Similarly ,Nora ‘s transformation from her expected role of a doll to that of a woman who is conscious of her position within the family and her society is a fact that brings both plays in the same plane. In fact, Nora ‘s transformed identity gave her the strength to question the notions of patriarchy.

Nora and Eliza , both transform from an inanimate life to being involved in their own destiny, the former from the oppressions of her class and the latter from her life under patriarchy.The feminist concerns of both plays are evident in the characterizations of Eliza and Nora in their ability to question the injustices against them . Bernard Shaw believed that women were treated poorly in modern society and often he dealt with themes for women’s rights . Ibsen ‘s perspectives about women ‘s position in the family and society are evident from A Doll ‘s House . Though the theme of Pygmalion is different , Shaw has rendered Eliza a personality which allows her to stand on her own opinions and not dependent on anybody .

She is an earning woman and that had rendered her dignity and self respect . In conclusion while the cosmetic aspects of each play are different the deeper more lasting themes are very similar. Nora being a doll in her life transformed into a women who could question her place in society. While Eliza came from the lower classes and posed as a noble showing us that everyone is the same.


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