Many women dream about having children as soon as they get married, but some women wait to have children later in life. There are several reasons why women are waiting to have children. For instance, women now have time consuming professions, women are waiting longer to get married, and women are pursuing financial stability before starting a family. However, if women wait to have children their chances of health issues also increase.Some of these health issues are, an increase in the occurrences of miscarriages, an increase that their child will be born with disabilities, and a possible decrease in parent child bonding. As a woman gets older the risk of having a miscarriage increases. “Only 9 percent of recognized pregnancies for women aged 20 to 24 end in miscarriage; 15 percent of women aged 25-30 miscarry; 40 percent of women over 40 miscarry, also more than 50 percent miscarry at 42 years of age (Watters.

)” It is proven that as the individual becomes older they become less fertile, which makes it more complex to get pregnant.For example, my aunt was 45 when she had her first child. She had a difficult time getting pregnant and after three miscarriages she finally had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Having a miscarriage would be heart breaking for anybody to handle. In addition to having miscarriages, the longer a woman waits to have children it increases the chance that the child will be born with disabilities. Countless mothers dream about having a healthy baby without disabilities, but not all women are granted with this dream. The most common disability in children is down- syndrome.Down syndrome is an extra chromosome number 21, which causes mental retardation (Walter). Further at age 25, a woman has about 1 chance in 1,250 of having a baby with down syndrome; at age 30, a 1-in-1, 000 chance; at age 35, a 1-in-400 chance; at age 40, a 1-in-100 chance; and at 45, a 1-in-30- chance (Watter). Also, there are numerous other disabilities a child can have, besides Down syndrome, which is a result of post-poning child conception.

For instance, autism, heart, and digestive system problems can be caused. Autism effects the neural development, which can impair social interaction (Walter).The signs of autism usually develop by the age of three years old. Finally, the last issue related to post-poning child conception is that waiting to have children can cause a lack of parent and child bonding. Many mothers that delay having children until an older age risk losing time seeing their child grow up.

It is more difficult for older parents to cope and get around living with a teenager. For instance, my aunt had her first child at the age of 45 and her second child at 48; which means she will be mid sixties and mid seventies when her children reach their teenage years.Also, parents may not quite understand what his or her child needs on occasions. The majority of teens living with older parents will experience their parent’s demise before they are able to start their own family. This could be distressing for the young adult to manage. In conclusion, due to the increase of miscarriages, the possibility of a child being born with a disability, and the decrease of bonding time between the child and parent, these issues cause a setback with women who want to wait to have children at an old age.Not only does waiting until an older age causes problems with the baby, but it cause risk for the mother as well. There are many other disadvantages with waiting to have children at an older age, but these are the three main reasons many think of today.

Further, a woman must consult with her physician and discuss the risk associated with post-poning child conception until a later age. Lastly, a woman must inform herself on child conception at an older age and ensure that her body is healthy enough to be able to carry a child.


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