In ten years, I really doubt anything much will be changed.

The only thing that I’m most definitely sure about that will change is technology and my age. In ten years technology will be more advanced. Everything will probably have touch screen, nothing will have buttons anymore. Even the remotes for the television may be touch screen. That’s how advance technology might get. As for my age, I will be ten years older, ten years smarter, ten years more focused and determined to make all my dreams possibly become a reality.In ten years, I see myself doing my dream job, which is to become an accountant.

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I’m not sure if I want to get married at that time but, I see myself with a family of my own and our own place to live. Other from my own place to live, my mom would have a big family house so that my sisters and I will be able to spend time with her and still enjoy each other as a family, as oppose to being separated all the time.In ten years, my immediate family and I will probably still live in this same state and country.

I would start visiting my own country “Jamaica” more often because I still have family living there. I don’t think that I would need to go back to college or any school, because like I said, by that time I would already be an accountant. Ten years from now I really see a bright future for myself.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it will go accordingly, but hopefully it does.


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