I am writing to inform you that after inquiry by an appointed Authorised Officer, it has been determined that Academic Misconduct (Plagiarism) under “Statute No. 10 – Student Discipline”, Section 4(1) has occurred and this case has now been referred to the [insert ‘Student Discipline Panel’ or ‘Academic Registrar’] for a decision regarding penalty.Please see attached copy of the “Inquiry Officer/Authorised Officer Report”. For detailed information on the process please refer to the following links: Statute 10 Student Discipline -http://policies.

curtin. edu. au/local/docs/statute_no_10_2010.

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pdf Academic Misconduct Rules – http://policies. curtin. edu.

au/local/docs/statute_10_academic_misconduct_rules. pdf As the respondent in this matter, you are provided an opportunity to comment on the penalty you should receive for this instance of misconduct.Your response should be in writing and can include submissions from yourself and/or any other person. Your written response should be submitted to me at [INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS] by [INSERT DATE]. Should you choose not to respond by [INSERT DATE], a penalty decision will be made in the absence of a response. If the penalty decision warrants a more serious penalty (e. g. expulsion) your case will be referred to the Board of Discipline.

You will be advised in writing of the penalty decision and provided further instruction as to any action that will be taken by Curtin University of Technology in this matter. For advice or assistance, all students are able to access the services of the Guild Student Assist Office (+61 8 9266 2900 or toll free 1800 063 865).


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