When I was a younger I don’t remember if I was read to or not, but I read a lot of books. I enjoy reading books because they allow me to reach new heights in my imagination.

At my age many kids say that reading is boring and is for losers. I think it’s cool to read and will continue to read throughout my life. I have read many different types of books from fiction to biographies. The longest book I ever read was a book called Dragon Rider by Cornella Funke. It was five hundred and thirty five pages! When it comes to reading I am a superstar!When I’m reading I am able to get a moral lesson from what I read, so it ends up helping me in the long run of my life I have had numerous amounts of positive reading experiences, but I haven’t really had a lot of bad reading experiences. One of those times was when I was in seventh grade and my class was reading “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” by Shakespeare. The vocabulary was very was difficult to understand because it was old English and we had to learn an almost new vocabulary compared to the one I already knew.

I usually can understand what an author is trying to get across but I couldn’t really grasp the meaning this particular time.It took me a while to get it, but I understood in the end. Now, I challenge myself when it comes to old English plays because I like to see how well rounded I am in all types of writing and reading. Even though this was a difficult task for me when I was reading, it was also positive because it challenged me to stop and really pay attention so that I was able to see the real moral of the story and understand the text. The ability to understand old English got easier for me over time and now it’s one of the things I excel at when reading.Even though the experience was negative, it gave me positive input and made me a better reader.

My upbringing has affected me a lot as a reader. I was alone a lot, so I picked up books to read. As a child I just liked fantasy so I would read a lot of fiction books. Also, I think my mom used to read to me and she encouraged me to read when I could.

She also taught me to finish something if I started it, and that carried over to my reading. If I start reading a book I always finish it and do my best to understand it. So, she instilled what I know about reading and she influenced the way I read.She always told me, when I was younger, to pronounce my words right so that when I get older I would pronounce my words right. All that she has said to me and taught me when I was coming up as a younger child helped me get to the level of reading I am on today and also to the level of understanding I have of all the words I read. Without her encouraging me in this way I would have had problems understanding things that I read and wouldn’t be as smart as I have grown to be.

I am very thankful of how I was brought up as a kid. When I’m reading, it doesn’t really matter where I read.When I’m reading I go into a different world and get to a place where I feel as if I’m part of the story and can relate to the main character and what he or she is going through. Also, when I’m reading I think the best place for me would be where it’s quiet because I find it easier to concentrate in silence. I also read better when I’m upset because it gives me an outlet to release anger and allows me to get my work done.

All throughout my life, I’ve had many good experiences reading. When it comes to reading, for me, good reading just comes naturally.


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