Summary: Human Recourse Management is a vital part of any organization. This is even more important for a multinational company & other organization. For recruiting the best candidate at a best place , there are some headhunters all over the world. PeopleScape is one of them in Bangladesh. As students of ASAUB we are lucky to get a chance to prepare an assignment on PeopleScape. While working on it we came to know about various aspects of planning and implementation HRM.In conducting the study we have tried to relate our bookish concept with practical scenario.

Methodology: Our report is based on personal interviews and gathered information. Most of the data and information was found on the official website of PeopleScape Bangladesh. The interview was an open ended discussion. Where we probed for information. Limitations: We tried our level best to omit any mistakes but there were some minor faults. We are hopeful that this report will serve the reader to know about major functions, recruitment for fress graguate& etc.We have tried hard to make this report decent, delicate & perfect. But obviously there must be a chance of making errors & omissions.

I hope, the readers will be kind enough to consider those errors. Question 1: Introduction about assigned Headhunters and their Clients. Introduction: PEOPLESCAPE – Just as the mastery of landscape artists come out in the amazing landscapes that they design, the same way the art of finding, shaping, ornamenting, and preserving the right talent pool, in the right place, at the right time is reflective of PeopleScape.HR Partnering (HRP) is the newest, most exciting trend in both the Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) industry, and the quickly expanding Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Historically, organizations have been fearful of outsourcing “mission-critical” activities. They have limited the relationship to less strategic and more transactional activities.

However, there has been a significant shift in this mindset over the past few years. This is where PeopleScape has stepped in with HRP. Mission : “Our (PeopleScape) mission is to create a partnership with you, our client, to deliver the best possible talent in the marketplace”.

Vission: PeopleScape offers a new vision of HR Partnering – one that unites all the elements of HR transformation and outsourcing under one global roof: the service offerings, HR expertise, proven processes, and service delivery. Though their operation runnig from 2000 but formally they start in 2003. Recent Activity: Their last up to date(27/11/2010/) searching for the candidates bellow- 1. Production stores officer 2. Distribution officer 3. Brand manager 4. HR manager 5. Management Trainee 6.

Technical Service Engineer 7. Customer Support Executive- ContractualClients: PeopleScape is currently engaged in managing a number of human resource searches in both the specialist as well as generalist areas. PeopleScape clients represent a diverse blend of businesses across industry sectors and geographic locations as well as unique corporate cultures. At present we boast a proud list of Satisfied Clients.

The list is presented below: • Unilever Bangladesh • Nokia • Nestle • Reckitt British American Tobacco Bangladesh • Al Rostamani Group (UAE) • Banglalink. • GrameenPhone Grameen Danon Western Union Citicell MNC ( Multi National Company) Standared Chatred BankService offered: • Payroll Mgt • Performance Appraisal System • Training & Development • Change Mgt • Benefits Mgt • Exist Process Mgt Question 2: What kind of opportunities/Support systems they offer for fresh graduates. Opportunities for fresh graduate: Basically PeopleScape work for mid-level and headhunter. But they also provide few attractive offer for the fresh graduate. ? Uniliver ( Taritory manager): For a fresh graduate at first they take a written test, after that they take a interview then complete the assessment center, After that peopleScape send to the Uniliver for taking he final interview and then appointment. ? Contractual agreement (Nestle): PeopleScape provide some contractual employee for Nestle. It can be for six months or one year, But salary is given from PeopleScape.

Its like out sourcing. ? Carrier fair ( North South): PeopleScape arrange some career fair for the specific university students. ? Update database (online): A fresh candidates can submit his or her c. v. through the online.

For this they have given a standard format of C. V by which a candidate can apply and then peoplescape collect c. v. rom the online. If require any applicant then they give a phone to the candidates. Question 3: What are the requirements to join over there? Procedures. Requirements to join in peoplescape: It varies on job to job.

For an entry level employee then they most of time emphasize on ? English communication skill ? Smartness ? Professionalism ? Ready to travel extensively. ? MS Excel( Database management, Data filtering, Pivot column, V look up & others) ? Extra curricular activities( Debate, Rotary club, etc) Uniliver taritory manager in Bangladesh:In Uniliver their taritory manager is selected by the bellow process- Nestle Bangladesh: Employee work on contractual agreement(Own payroll)in PeopleScape but work on nestle Question 4: What kind of major functions they have? Major functions of their: Not limiting the scope of services to discrete functions, PeopleScape takes a holistic approach to processes. ? By offering strategic, integrated solutions, ? provides businesses the opportunity to outsource the complete scope of most administrative and strategic Human Resource functions.

? Recruiting, ? Hiring, ? Management training, Organizational development and ? Strategic HR planning. . Recruitment process: They are a small intimate firm that has a solid knowledge base and a deep portfolio in the Human Resource space. Their service is “hands on,” personalized, flexible and client-focused. ? Directly involved with each assignment, ? Personally recruiting and interviewing face-to-face each potential HR candidate. ? Selective about the assignments they accept, ? Keeping them to a minimum to ensure high quality service to clients. They are ? Committed to satisfying client’s HR hiring needs, hile demonstrating integrity, quality and custom fit service that has earned us a stellar reputation in the market place.

Their business model is one that marries- *The expertise, intimacy and customer service of a small specialty HR Outsourcing firm, with the vast resources and geographic coverage of a large HR Outsourcing firm. *Based on credibility, longevity and a deep portfolio of knowledge * Accomplishments within the HR space, PeopleScape, through the face of MAPL, * An integrated part of the human resource community Question 5: Do they have any HRIS Software of their own?Are they offering any customized software for their clients? HRIS software: Actually HRIS software includes the basic information about the employee of a particular organization. Without basic information there are some others information like i) Trainning information ii) Experience information iii) Special skills iv) Language proficiency etc. Software using: They have HRIS software of their own . But they do not offer any customized software for their client. From the conversation we have known that their HRIS function is like bd.

Jobs .Mainly basic information about individual are recorded their. When clients need a employee they provide information to peoplescape to find out the best candidate on behalf of them, they search those c. v. which matches on their requirement. In case of mid level/head hunting they offer the elected person that as he/she interestested for the position or not. From their on line c.

v it is quite enough to understand that their software is wealthy. Question 6: What specific Labor Laws they used to work with? Use of labor law: Actually most of the labor laws in Bangladesh are very ancient.Human Resource Management is an very raising issue for last 10 years, so there is no specific labor law. Peoplescape work based on agreement ; contract. It may be 6 month/1year.

But they follow three principles. • Respect for every individual. • The highest quality service to each client on a timely basis. • Uncompromising professionalism and high business ethics. Maintain of clients relationship: PeopleScape delivers on a 100% unwavering commitment to professionalism. All PeopleScape employees operate under a Code of Ethics designed to ensure total customer satisfaction.PeopleScape strongly adhere at all times to the following principles: • Discovery: We will not propose or commence any program without completely understanding our clients’ needs and goals.

• Disclosure: Open and continuous communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. All material information gathered on behalf of a client, either positive or negative, will be promptly reported to the appropriate client representative. • Discretion: We will at all times act to protect the proprietary and confidential information of our clients.

Diversity: We conscientiously comply with national and local laws governing equal opportunity in hiring. • Discipline: We only accept programs for which a client will permit us to dedicate an appropriate amount of resources. All programs we accept adhere to carefully planned service level agreements and implementation guidelines and timetables. Question7: What is their current port folio/status compared to others? PeopleScape is an extension of Market Access Providers Limited (MAPL), an undisputed leader in Bangladesh for providing complete marketing solution across a very wide range of customer base.Over the last 6 years the company has experienced a steady growth in business. ”.

PeopleScape has grown and formed from MAPL’s expertise in aligning Clients HR Agenda and Deliver Model with their Business Objectives, and thereby optimizing their investment in HR Processes and Programs. Question 8: Do they offer any career opportunities through media? What type of media they prefer? If no, Why don’t they go for offerings? As their main recruitment is on midlevel, so they contact with them & offer to interest in the required field.


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