Couples should wait until later in life to have children By; Tammy A Poole Children are a blessing, but women should wait until they are in their thirties before starting a family. Starting a family later in life gives the women time to enjoy life as an adult, finish school, and decide when it is best to raise a child. Women are taking better care of themselves causing it to be easier to carry and raise a child older in life than ever before. The health risk to the child are now not as great as when once were believed to be.

The mother will be at the point of financial clarity and often at the point in her career that she can be more effective parent. Having children later is more baneful to the child and parent. Currently one out of every five women in the world is delaying having her first child until the age of thirty five. The number is rising steadily, together with the trend for middle aged women to add to their existing family. There are many reasons why a woman chooses to have children in her later years.

If a woman re-marries and wish to have a child with her new partner. Health studies show that having a child at an older age do not pose many more health complications than at a younger age. There is three percent chance of a child being born with Down syndrome and ninety nine percent chances that the child will not.

The cases of children born with Juvenile diabetes have fallen and continue to fall due to awareness of prenatal awareness in older mothers. NBC Health segment states that children are being born to older couples because of the economy.That is causing people to choose to not have children or have them later in life until they have more money and it is more affordable. Time will afford parents the opportunity to better plan for raising a family.

There are many reasons to delay child bearing and these are only a few reasons to consider having later in life. Child care and parenting is a big responsibility and it should not be taken lightly. Women are living longer and enjoying a full life. Often women like to stay home with children for the first few years, having them older in life is just the reason to reap the rewards of career and relationships.


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