Why do people visit museums when they travel to new places? Every new place that we visit has different history and culture. People can get to know about a new place by either asking from local people and travelling or visiting museums. Visiting museums is a convenient and easy way to understand and get better knowledge about a new place because we will be able to see such significant things such as handicrafts and archaeological finds with our own eyes.

Museums are the places where centuries and centuries of history is hidden and so many masterpieces are kept.It is like a bridge between people and a place, so I think people like visiting museums because they are so curious about the new place that they are travelling and they want to know about everything such as the history of the place, the culture, the tradition and the art and masterpieces. When visiting a museum, we will have an access to see unique masterpieces and feel the emotion of the artist. We can’t feel the real emotion by just watching it on TV or on the internet. My aunt goes to the Louvre museum every time she visits Paris because she likes so much to just stand there and see the painting with her own eyes.She says no other pictures can substitute the feeling she gets there. Museums also give us chances to know better about the past history and culture.

When we travel to a new place, we don’t know much about the local people’s history. How they lived, what their tradition was like or is like and even about their lifestyle and food. We will be able to obtain more knowledge about them by visiting museums. Even in Mongolia, many tourists visit museums before they go to the countryside to see the real nomadic life.

By the time they are in the countryside, they have already known at least a bit about the nomadic culture and the history.To sum up, museum is a special spot which is like a bridge between people and a new place and it is an area where we can obtain knowledge about the past history, a different culture of a new place and enjoy our time feeling the emotions of unique masterpieces. We will be able to know more about centuries and centuries of secret histories and visit the past time and find admirable art pieces. No matter how much we travelled and how knowledgeable we are, museums always amaze us with historical secrets and finds, and therefore I think people like so much to visit museums when they travel to a new place.


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