Scrambled Outline key Specific purpose: To inform the class how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Introduction I. Open with impact: Are you tired of spending five dollars for a greasy hamburger and fries? II. Thesis: Today, you will learn how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. III. Connect with your audience: You can save money and eat better. BODY Preview: Making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich involves three basic steps: having the ingredients, assembling the sandwich, and packaging the sandwich.

I. Main point: You must have the necessary ingredients. A. Use either plain or chunky peanut butter.

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B. Use a jelly or jam, made without artificial additives. (Signpost: After you have the ingredients, you need to make the sandwich. ) II. Main point: You will need to assemble the sandwich. A.

Spread the first slice with peanut butter. B. Spread the other slice with jelly or jam. C. Put the two slices together. (Signpost: Unless you are eating it immediately, the sandwich must be wrapped to stay fresh).III.

Main point: You need to package the sandwich to take to school. A. Use biodegradable wrappers, such as wax paper, rather than plastic wrap.

B. Fold the wax paper neatly around the sandwich. C. Place the sandwich in a paper bag. Conclusion I.

Summarize: To review, there are three steps A. First, make sure you have the necessary ingredients. B. Second, assemble the sandwich. C.

Finally, wrap the sandwich. II. Close with impact: Enjoy your lunch and go to a movie with the money you have saved.


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