“ Nigger as long as you in my house, you put that sir on the end of it when you talk to me”.

Troy Maxson, the Protagonist of Fences, quotes. Troy Maxson is a 53 year old man who is a father and husband. He has led a hard life from being abused by his father to going to jail for fifteen years due to robbery and murder. While in jail, he became a sharp baseball player. He is determined to protect his son Cory from the disappointments and opportunities loss because of the color of his skin.Troy lives in the past and fails to recognize that the world has changed. Troy father was controlling and bitter so he feels as though he must act the same way towards Cory.

Troy tries to escape his responsibility of taking care of home, his wife and son by having an affair with Alberta and getting her pregnant. Troy keeps most of his emotions bottled up inside, building imaginary fences between friends, family and even himself. Troy is a static character. His actions do not change throughout the course of the play. He remains controlling and bitter.He was being selfish when he went to Cory’s school and told his coach he can’t play football no more just because he didn’t have a chance when he was playing baseball.

There are many elements that reveal changes in Troy, such as, him and Bono use to be so close. Bono use to come to Troy’s house and see him every day until the day they really sat down and talked about Troy’s affair with Alberta. Bono loved Rose and Troy and he didn’t want Rose to get hurt by Troy’s actions. I know what Rose means to you Troy; I’m just trying to say I don’t want to see you mess up (Fences 1065).He reminded Troy of how much he loved his wife and basically telling him he need to end the affair with Alberta before Troy breaks up their home.

I’ll be damned! I’ll die and go to hell and play blackjack with the devil before I give you ten dollars (Fences 1580). Troy is an ungenerous person. He couldn’t loan his other son Lyon ten dollars that he was going to give right back when he had it. Cory thinks his father is so uptight and thinks he doesn’t like him because how he treats him. When Cory asked his father Troy why you never liked me? , Cory responded, “Liked you?Who the hell say I got to like you? What law is there that say I got to like you? ” (Fences 1592). Troy thinks as long as you put food on the table, got a roof over your head and got clothes on your back that that’s enough for a child.

He believes that’s his job to do those things because that’s his son, but children need their parents to love, support and nurtures them. Bono on the other hand looks up to Troy. He admires Troy hard work, honesty, and determination. The action in the play reveals that Troy will never change his attitude and his views about life.He is still living in the past and thinks we live in a prejudice world that will never change. Cory now has to deal with the consequences that his father once had to deal with due to the fact that he doesn’t want to see his son get hurt because of the color of his skin color.

Troy tries to turn his son away from playing sports because he thinks it will be an opportunity loss considering what he went through when he was playing baseball. The stage directions contribute to the reader’s understanding of the character because it gave us a mental picture in our head about what was going on throughout the play.It guided me to the poem itself and helped me get a better understanding of the play.

I have learned a lot about Troy throughout this play. I learned that he can be selfish, he is bitter and always complaining about something. I didn’t like the fact that he had an affair and got the mistress pregnant. I also didn’t like how he treated his son Cory. He acted like Cory owed him something just because he took on the responsibility as a father and did what he was suppose to do.

Overall, I really enjoyed the play and all the characters in it.


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