The Chrysalids is created by John Wyndham. This book tells the reader about social life in Waknuk. Form of intolerance and discrimination can be seen through this book’s story.

According to The Chrysalids, intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous. What is the difference between intolerance and discrimination? Why intolerance and discrimination happen in Waknuk? How do intolerance and discrimination affect a person’s life in Waknuk, and how can intolerance and discrimination be an influence in society’s situation?At last, why can intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous? All of these interesting questions will be discussed through this essay. According to A S Hornby in the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary “Intolerance is a noun from the word intolerant which means not willing to accept ideas or ways of behaving that are different from your own. Intolerance used to describe religious disapproving or intolerance; discrimination is a noun refers to the practise of treating somebody or a particular group in society less fairly in others. Intolerance and discrimination happen in Waknuk because of a person’s age and appearance. In Waknuk old people are more respected than younger people.

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It happens because older people live much longer than younger people. Old people are even still being respected even though they make some mistakes. In The Chrysalids, Uncle Axel says, “For it is clear, boy, that however wonderful the Old People were, they were not too wonderful to make mistakes – and nobody knows, or is ever likely to know, where they were wise and where they were mistaken. (page 79) Uncle Axel points out the importance of old people. Intolerance and discrimination can affect a person’s life. When David explores a big room in Waknuk, he finds out a wood that is crafted with a sentence that says, “The norm is the will of God, and, reproduction is the only holy production and, the devil is the father of deviation, and a number of others about Offences and Blasphemies. ” (page 18) Therefore intolerance and discrimination could affect the popularity of a person. Joseph Strorm is afraid of deviant.

He thinks that deviant is from God.Joseph shows his personality when he says, “Now go to your room, and pray. Pray, you wretched boy for a forgiveness you do not deserve, but which God, in his mercy, may yet grant you.

I will come to you later. ” (page 27) Joseph is instructing David to pray for forgiveness. At that time, deviant is different from any human form; s/he has been categorized as a person who gets a tribulation from God. The deviant or mutant even receives intolerance and discrimination. Therefore, intolerance and discrimination can lead to a different treatment with unfair and different judgement towards different people.Why intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous? Discrimination can lead to debates. The Chrysalids book shows that intolerance and discrimination can lead us to fights with other people.

Joseph Storm blames God about the debate that he has had. He mentions, “ I do not understand how you dared to come here, to a God fearing house, with such a suggestion. ” (page 72) Joseph mentions that everything is related to God. Joseph wants to decide whether it is wrong to judge deviant or not.He makes a point when he says, “You know, David, concealment of a Blasphemy – not reporting a human deviation – is a very, very serious thing.

People go to prison for it. It is everybody’s duty to report any kind of offence to me – even if they aren’t sure – so that I can decide. ” (page 51) Joseph tries to be a hero at that time by acting like an inspector to judge whether a person is a deviant or not.

Intolerance and discrimination can lead to debates and fights. As a conclusion, The Chrysalids shows how intolerance and discrimination can lead to debates or fights, and different judgment towards different people.Through the facts that have been revealed in this essay, it is concluded that intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous. Intolerance and discrimination need to be avoided. Based on this essay, intolerance and discrimination can be very dangerous towards both society and a person’s life.

However, what about our Canadian society? Do intolerance and discrimination still happen among the Canadian society? Can intolerance and discrimination be very dangerous to our Canadian society? If yes, why is it so?


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