There are two types of aggravated assault: 1st Type: When a person unlawfully causes serious bodily injury to another person. Serious bodily injury meaning: A. Old Definition: Serious bodily injury means to maim or cause drastic physical damage. B. New Definition: Serious bodily injury means if the injured part of the body does not work exactly as it did before injury. 2nd Type: When a person unlawfully threatens another person with a deadly weapon. Deadly weapon meaning: 1.

Firearm 2.Anything obviously made to kill or hurt 3. Anything in matter in its use can cause death or serious bodily injury •A judge cannot grant probation if the defendant was convicted where a deadly weapon was used. •A person convicted of the crime where deadly weapon was used, must serve one half of term before being eligible for parole. Each state has its own name and punishment. Aggravated Assault in Texas = 2-20 years, at least Police: Lancaster man slashed son with knife Intelligencer Journal Lancaster New Era Jul 06, 2010 10:10 ESTLancaster, Pennsylvania A Lancaster man slashed his son with a knife Monday night, police said. Nestor Ivan Matos Sr. , 48, of the 700 block of Stevens Avenue, was charged with aggravated assault.

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Officers responded to his home just before 10:30 p. m. for a reported stabbing, police said. Matos’ 27-year-old son, who lives at the same address, said his father had stabbed him with a knife with a 6-inch blade. After an argument inside the home, Matos threw his son to the ground and began choking him, police said.Matos then allegedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began swinging it at his son, who used a chair to shield himself. The son dropped the chair and tried to flee from Matos, but he was struck on his left hand with the knife, causing a 1-inch cut, police said.

He was treated and released from Lancaster General Hospital. Matos was charged before District Judge Kelly S. Ballentine and sent to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $40,000 bail, police said.

This article demonstrates the second type of aggravated assault: When a person unlawfully threatens another person with a deadly weapon.A person) Nestor Matos Sr. (unlawfully) intentionally (threatens another) advanced towards his son (with a deadly weapon) with a knife stabbing him in his hand. This article was taken from the Intelligencer Journal which is a website from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The man was sent to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of $40,000 bail for the charge of aggravated assault.

If he had done this crime in Texas, his punishment would consist of at least 2-20 years in prison.


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