What NOT to say on a first date Introduction When you’re on a first date you should not be pointing out any of their physical flaws. If there, are things that do you do not like about your date, then you just leave this as a first and only date. If you find out that your date has potential then there will be plenty of time to speak about the problems that you want with your date, so if you can remember please! If you can’t say anything nice, then keep your big mouth shut! Central idea Do not say anything that can alarm /disturb your date.

Preview •Watch what you say •Poor hygiene? •Where to have your first date Body 1. Watch what you say! •“Yea my ex likes that too. ” •I just got out of rehab, you? A.

Finally incorporating the truth about yourself 1. Many people may like to bring up the cut raw blood truth ,but yea save that for later on in the relationship, where you can find a way to incorporate it into the conversations, and by that time he/she will already have fallen for you and they may have to except it. B. It can damage the second date .

The date mind get ended early. 2. If there was potential for another date , you just blew it with your big mouth. II. Poor hygiene A. Health at risk! 1. Hopefully you used old spice, Tommy, J’adore bath & body works you know the stuff your mother got on sale at Macy’s.

2. I can safely say that you know already that you must groom your self, such as…•Combing your hair, • Taking a shower/bath •Shaving would be nice. III.

Where to have your first date? •Fancy restaurant that you can afford. If not fancy restaurant, you can set up a nice dinner table at your house, •A picnic in the park can be nice. •You can go out and do a fun activity: skating, bowling, playing games etc. Conclusion To summon everything up, when going on a first date you do not have to lie or stretch the truth per say. Also, when you’re going out please take a shower and groom yourself properly.

To finalize everything up, the most important part of the date is to please “ If your not going to say anything nice , please keep your big mouth shut! ”


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