Team Project: Strategies marketing • Importance of marketing in the organization Nestle is a company centred in the consumer, who adapts his products to the tastes and desires of the consumer, in more than 100 countries in which he is present It makes exhaustive tests of market of products to make sure that the consumers will prefer them on those of the competition It tries to promote a diet and a healthy style of lifeWith a special sensitivity to help the children to develop healthy habits of feeding. The local direction of Nestle studies the suitability of all the publicity and it is examined constantly in the corporative central office of the company in Vevey, Switzerland Of these tendencies of a life style the company heals has become echo and has oriented its marketing a social direction, satisfying the necessities with the consumers So that they heighten the well-being of the consumers and the society.Recently it has received a prize in Spain in which the more effective actions of marketing are recognized , and this prize has been for the program sponsored by Nestle titled “TU AND NESTLE”, granted by the Spanish Association of Advertisers, valuing specially its contribution to the sales and the return of the carried out investments In the present economy, the function of marketing requires much more that to have a good product with a good accessible price and to the consumers.In these Nestle surroundings he is able to transmit its present consumers as much potential, assuming the role of signallers and promoters of its products In general one looks for to provide: – The product or suitable service – At the opportune moment – In the correct place – To the advisable price for the client and the producer – In the agreed magnitude – With the required quality – Segmentation – Mark – Strategies of differentiation – Positioning – Meaning of the positioning of the mark Strategies differentials They try to explore the heterogeneity of the consumers to increase the volume of sales and benefits; he himself product is sold or marks prices different according to the characteristics from the consumers. Within this group there are different types: – Geographic prices: One is the fixation of prices based on the geographic differentiation and one is based on fixing prices different depending on the location of the consumers.For that reason it is normal that to the consumers of Nestle it turns out to them more expensive to buy a same product at the most far are from where they make, in addition to other characteristics like: nutritional rent, customs, habits, rates of growth – Discounts in the prices and other reductions: Nestle constantly varies its basic prices to traverse of discounts and other advantages.

The habitual ones are those of commercial discounts by soon payment. One looks for that the clients advance the money and to change she is done a discount to them to its purchase.Thus, Nestle can apply these discounts by means of the accomplishment of supplies (type 2×1, rappels, etc. ) – Discrimination of prices: One takes place when a company sells its products to different prices according to what clients without it are due to a change in the costs of the company to sell these clients. Nestle can make discounts to faithful clients without directly affecting its total benefits, whereas to new clients it does not have to make these discounts • Marketing Mix 1.Publicity: The Nestle company transmits the information through mass media (television, presses, radio, Internet, etc. ) directed to a public in whom it is identified to the emitter that tries to stimulate the demand as well as to change to the opinion or the behaviour of the consumer towards its product Nestle to direct its advertising campaigns to the day to day Also, we would like to emphasize the concerted effort that Nestle dedicates to the design of exhibitors for the Point of sale, since it considers the best way to emphasize its product on the possible competitors and to attract the ttention of our client.

Different types of design and size, depending on the time (Christmases, 14 of February, Kings, etc. ) and on the establishment (greater size for supermarkets and a reduced size more for the small establishments)2. Promotion of sales: the promotion of sales that uses Nestle to generate one more a more intense and fast answer of the consumer can incorporate some type of stimulus in its products to do them more attractive as well as to stimulate and to accelerate the sale; this obtains by means of the bonds discount, the promotions, the aids, prizes, etc.

. Public relations: Set of activities carried out by the organizations with the generic aim to obtain, to maintain or to recover the acceptance, confidence and the support of diverse public 4. Distribution: Nestle as of 1996 chose to centralize its system of distribution. Previously Nestle served any commercial company that demanded it, being able to have several distributors by province thus.

Due to the costs that the company supported to carry out east system, they chose to reduce to the number of distributors by province, being an only official distributor (only channel of distribution) This way it is controlled: – The storage process , since the representative of Nestle weekly goes to visit the distributor being able to verify the conditions of storage as they can be: the temperature to that the products are conserved, the good state of such, etc. The product in himself, is to say, allowing therefore an exact control of the origin of each product to avoid interferences between different provinces, to be able to control problems with possible defective games – The correct fulfilment of the objectives of sales marked by the company its distributors, and in addition can offer a greater quality on watch in which it talks about his distributors, since it is possible to be offered more advantageous conditions them, or via discounts, rappels, flatteries, etc. . Personal sale: For Nestle the personal sale is one of the most important factors at the time of sending a new product, since thanks to this are able to know directly if the product pleases or not to the consumer • Segmentation The world of the product sales and services is in constant change, which was fashion or innovation yesterday, today he is obsolete.Therefore it is priority knowing and to anticipate the necessities of the clients to excel in the market before the great competition Next we will speak on the importance of knowing the market, of detecting its necessities and to obtain new clients, but mainly of the tool that will help us to make decisions: the segmentation of markets At the present time people buy by her necessities, reason why she aspires to being or to have, reason why the industry does not wish to sell. Depending on the characteristics of our market it will have to be segmented in: – Geographic (characteristic of the zone or region) Demographic (sex, age, occupation, economic situation) Ex. a pair with children will have to consume milky but healthful fruit or desserts whereas a pair without children prefers a select dessert but – We called psicografica to the segmentation that talks about to the characteristics of the people in whatever its desires, uses, customs, styles of life, this type of segmentation is generated a knowledge: the qualities of the product that we needed to create to sell experiences.

Nowadays not only we sell products or services, also we sell Ex. experiences: An executive who does not have too much time to make his meals, will decide on a dessert that is easy to take as yogurt I eliminate or a fruit piece, whereas a housewife prefers a homemade but elaborated dessert


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