Religious Fundamentalism Religious Fundamentalism is a belief in a strict adherence to a specific set of “rules” that a religion has set or made. There are a great number or ethnicities that have distinctive distributions within the United States. They do not always find ways to live together peacefully. In some cases, they compete in civil wars or religious wars to dominate the national identity or religion. Many religions also have significant strains of evangelism, which can cause obvious conflict.Followers are asked to spread the word of God and increase the numbers of the group. The effort to impose Christianity on subject peoples was an important part of the conflict surrounding European migration. In the same way, a group may seek to deny other religions the opportunity to practice their faith.

This is out of a desire to minimize beliefs the dominant group feels to be inferior or unsafe. Suppression of Christianity in China and the Sudan are two current examples.In the case of China, it is not a conflict between religions, but rather the government views religion as a dangerous rival for citizens’ loyalties. All of these instances derive from a lack of respect for other faiths.

Two long-standing conflicts involving religious groups also are in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. The most troublesome religious boundary in Western Europe lies on the island of Eire. The conflict between the Catholic and Protestant religious resulted in bloody confrontations and Ireland became a self-governing dominion within the British Empire in 1921.There also are religious wars in the Middle East between the Jews, Christians and Muslims for the last 2,000 years to control the same strip of land in the Eastern Mediterranean. Overall I don’t think there will ever be world peace with all of the religions across the world but over time we’ve actually come a great way in attempting to keep the peace with each other and trying to respect other’s views rather than judging them.


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