A Current Issue Between Native Americans and the Federal Government The article presented how the Federal Government has discriminated against the Native Americans. There was a solid promise by the U. S. Government in return for land they would be the Native Americans advocate for social, medical, educational services for tribal members.

This promise apparently has been lacking in which the tribes suffer from their lack of responsibility.This commitment was not just based on the pretense that the government would be honest, but it was a legal commitment. “This commitment is codified in treaties, federal law, executive orders, judicial opinions, and international doctrine. ” (National Congress of, 2005) There has been lower funding for the Native Americans than for any other population, and yet they have legal rights to this funding. Because of the dishonesty by the U. S.

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Government the tribes are buying land in which will close the gap between two reservations and it will help to lessen the dependence on the government. There will be timber revenues to help them with their independence from the government agencies. In reading this article it proves how the Native Americans were mistreated in the past , and it continues in the present time. “The court overruled a 60 year-old statute, the Indian Reorganization Act, which authorized Native American trust acquisition.There is a fierce debate over why this rarely-utilized doctrine suddenly resurfaced to be used against Native American interests.

This decision could be the first brick in a rapidly-forming wall of precedent which seeks to eliminate time-honored privileges associated with Native Americans. ” (Roff, Jessica, “South Dakota v. United States Department of Interior: Another Broken Promise to the United States Indians,” 49 Admin. L.

Rev. 453, Spring, 1997. )


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