Question 4: How does a company like Siemens benefit from the use of motivation theories to influence its management style and strategies? Understanding of motivation theories can play a very important role in influencing the management style and strategies of a large corporation like Siemens. These theories help companies to develop and implement effective policies and strategies for attracting right types of people needed by them to man the organization, to retain them in the organization and to motivate them to put their best efforts towards achievement of the organizational objectives.

A motivated employees is someone that works hard because they feel fulfilled and happy in the workplace and likely to be more productive. The structure of Siemens motivates individuals by empowering them to improve processes. Siemens provides the sort of environment where workers can learn new things and are given the opportunity to progress within the business. This culture demonstrates that Siemens values its employees and help to recruit the next generation of engineers. Siemens employees have the value that they are allowed to be imaginative and can influence their own work.A motivated workforce puts more energy into work in order to achieve the required outcomes. Motivated employees feel that their work is special and they are encouraged to take pride in what they do. It’s shown that there is low absenteeism because employees are happy to go to work.

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Individuals are more loyal to the organization and stay longer because their needs are being met. It also determines the kind of compensation schemes the company has. It also helps companies to design its jobs that provide maximum job satisfaction to the employees.


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