Im going to be talking today about Nancy Bird Walton. Was Nancy Bird Walton a woman ahead of her time & a womans of firsts? I chose Nancy Bird Walton as she was Austrailan and she was really interesting to read about. Nancy was a very successful woman who achieved her goals in life. The reason why I chose this question was because she achieved a lot in life and my answer shows how successful she was and how she made her goals come true.

It also shows how she became famous for being a woman of firsts and a woman ahead of her time. Nancy was born on October 16th 1915 and died January 13th 2009. Nancy bird wanted to fly almost as soon as she could walk. As a teenager during the great depression in Austraila ,Nancy Bird found herself in the same position as many other children of her time,leaving school at 13 to asist her family. Her brothers and sisters stayed with her mother in the city, while Nancy moved to the country with her father to work in his general store and be his housekeeper.When nancy bird walton was fourteen,some pilots brought their planes to wingham in the rurual N. S.

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W, to give joy rides & exhibitions of trick flying nancy took two joy-flights and paid the pilot extra to do some loops & rolls for her. That was the day she decided to learn to fly. Nancys father did not approve of his daughters’s intentions, but did not forbid her to go. Having saved up two hundred pounds, she moved into her mother’s house in sydney. From here on she would travel to mascot where she would begin flying lessons.Some of Nancy’s achievements in life were, when she was 17 she was the first woman to fly a plane, later on that year she got her pilots licence & at 19 she became the first Australia woman to make a living from flying,In 1935 she became the youngest woman in Austraila to gain her commerical flying licence, soon after Nancy became well known with her first ladies fly tour over the country towns of NSW, In 1935 she bought a leopard moth, which was a cruising speed of 190km/hr and cargo space, taking out the ladies trophy in 1936 air race from Adeliade to Brisbane.A down fall in Nancy’s life was the Sydney flight over the Blue Mountains which was to foggy to see where she was going.

It made Nancy turn around & go back. This incident almost convinced her to never fly again. “ There is no future in the air for womens as pliots’s” she told newspapers at that time.

In 1958 she renewed her licence after 20 years of absence, & became the first overseas entry in the famous powder duff derby,in the USA air force for women.Nancy bird, was the founder of the australia women pilots association, which was the starting block for a proud generation of female pilots, who now fly alongside men in Austraila’s skies. Was Nancy Bird Walton a woman of firsts and a woman ahead of her time? Nancy Bird was a very successful woman of first’s as I mentioned in my speech she had a lot of achivements in life and she was way ahead of time as now you can fly and do anything and be a lady.



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