Brain-the biggest weapon, the mammoth power human has. Testimony of above statement is the present scenario. Just open the sea of imagination and imagine what old time was, now open your eyes and find yourself in this modern world.

It is impossible to swallow this immense gap at one go, but if we take a look at how it all developed, we will not only believe it but will also get an idea what human brain can do. Earlier life was tough, everything was done by hands but his brain made his life far better than what he used to live. Work of man is par excellence.

God created us, gave us all the resources to grow, to feed ourselves and provided us with the power to think, to carve ideas and to take decision and human has proved to be the survival of the fittest. He carved his way out of every trouble. He had nothing to begin with but the nature around him. Today, we have everything we need to make our life more and more simpler. Yes, you are right; we are talking about Modern Gadgets. To begin with, let us take an example of our kitchen only.

We have all the different kind of gadgets which do A to Z work of kitchen, just press a button and you are done.For moving out or travelling, we have vehicles. We have all sorts of vehicles from a cycle to a luxury car.

Now, when a person is done with breakfast made with all the modern kitchen appliances, he takes his vehicles, drives himself to his workplace. Even there, he has everything to relax and be comfortable to work. For his comfort, he has coolers, fans, air conditioners, heaters, blowers.

He uses computers (even laptops), fax machine, printers and scanners to work. The best ever inventions of human brain is internet. Internet has shortened the boundaries.We can get any information from internet. We can communicate with anyone via internet and telecommunication system. Human has created satellites to get around the world.

Earlier, we used to be unaware regarding what is going around the world but now the time has changed. It is human only who has made it possible which looked like utter impossible. Today, we can get advance information regarding any natural calamity via weather reports using satellites. Man has even extended his limit to the space, even to moon about which we were just in the moon light earlier.But one may not get enough time in this world of science to think that some how this simplification of life makes our life a bit complex. No doubt the facilities we have today have made our life a picnic but life is never a picnic in real sense. Everyone praises modern facilities but no one give him self a break to have a look at its consequences.

These modern gadgets have made us torpid. We have become habitual or say addicted in more defined terms. Even our body does not permit us to do labor, we have become utter indolent and this adversely affects our health.Reason for a huge gross in number of heart patients, hyper tension cases is the same. Now, talking about mobile phones, the waves/signals it generates is callous some for us. Excessive use can cause heart attack and even make a person impatient. Crime rate has increased due to increased connectivity.

Even now days, mobiles are being used for terrorism. Children, the nation builders get deviated from these mobile phones. Today, almost every student has a personal mobile phone and with all this their study suffers and hence they cut sorry figures to themselves, their parents and to nation.Today, people use AC/blowers for a very large part of time of their day and it has resulted in weakening of immunity. They get frequently attacked by cold, they cannot step out in extreme weather conditions. In short, these modern facilities first become our needs and then taking in account the human nature, overuse of them is but obvious, so they take the form of some sort of addiction.

One should use them but never indulge in overuse and let these needs become our addiction because science has proved to be a very good slave but will be a very bad master.


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