Ashley McCluskey English 1 Mrs. Luehrs October 26, 2010 Meanings Behind Animal Farm By: Ashley McCluskey Animal Farm is a book that represents many different things. The book has three levels of meaning. Animal farm is a childerns book because it has talking animals. It is a Satire of Communist Russia because a lot of the problems and characters represented in the story are like the problems and people of Communist Russia. Also, in this story it shows the different ways to abuse power.

In the story Animal Farm by George Orwell, there are three levels of meaning, A Childerns story,a sative of communist Russia, and the different ways to abuse power are 3 different things that this book represents. Lets begin with how its a childerns Story . This story has talking animals. Most stories that are not made for childern,do not have that. An example ofthis is when the story said that the animals start to talk as soon as the lights in the house goes out “As soon as the lights in the bedroom went out there was a stirring and a fluttering all through the farm building.

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Word had gone round during the day that old major, the prize winning boar, had a strange dream and wished to communticate it to the other animals”( Orwell 3). This explained how the animals were talking and how its more of a childs story, Knowing that the whole story the animals are talking made it easier to see that its a childerns story. Secondly,the story is a Satire of communist Russia.

Many of the problems,and people, represent communist Russia.The Battle of Cowshed represented the Bolshevik Revolution. Napoleon represented Stalin and Snowball represented Trorsky. These are just a few example of the examples are the reason this book is a sative of Communist Russia. Finaly, there was alot of abuses of power in Animal Farm. Napoleon thought that because he was smarter he could change the rules and get away with it. “No Animal shall kill another animal”(Owell91).

Napoleon changed it so that he could prove his power.The power of Nspoleon was abused by him. He took all the power he had and used it against sll the other animals. The story Animals Farm was very interesting.

This story had three different levels of meaning. In the story Animals Farm by George Orwell there are three levels of meaning. There is a childerns story, A Sative of ommunist Russia, And it shows the abuses of power. Reading this story helped me notice these thing.

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