Title of Modules: Managing change in organizations, HR Policy, Development and HR Management Description: Cadbury’s Ltd, the popular British chocolatier is taken over by Kraft Inc, a US processed cheese manufacturer to form the new Kraft- Cadbury Plc.

It is observed that this take-over impose significant change to both structure and operations. Considering the available public domain information from press media, perform a thorough analysis and submit a word processed management report considering the following tasks. Task 1. a.Cadbury’s Ltd, a private limited organisation is subjected to change.

Identify what could be the background to change at Cadbury considering today’s economy. (2. 1. 1) b. Compare and contrast alternative forms of organisational development (available for Kraft- Cadbury Plc to adopt) in comparison to the strength and weakness of “Specialist-Product” type of organisations. (2. 1. 2,3) c.

In order to introduce change at Kraft-Cadbury’s Ltd, suggest systems that involve appropriate stakeholders, analyse and evaluate those systems. 2. 2. 1,2) d. In support of the change process, develop and adopt effective models of change that are best suited, and plan the appropriate implementation processes and outcome. (2. 3. 1,2) 2.

a. In the process of reviewing Kraft Ltd (prior to take over), identify THREE HRM strategies, and justify how the organisational objectives can be achieved by effective HRM in creating Kraft- Cadbury Plc. (6. 1.

1, 2). In your discussion, you must refer to at least TWO appropriate models. 6. 1. 3) b. Suggest THREE HR Planning and Development methods for Kraft-Cadbury Plc, and critically evaluate their effectiveness to meet its new objectives. (6. 2.

1,2) c. Investigate and comment how HR Performance can be monitored at Kraft-Cadbury Plc, and propose ways of improvements. (6.

3. 1, 2) 3. a. The new Kraft-Cadbury Plc is currently a private sector organisation. From July 2010, EU government has resolved to control and operate it as a public sector organisation.

Identify and comment on THREE HR policies existing at Kraft-Cadbury Plc, and discuss how these policies will be amended after July 2010 once it becomes a public organisation. (16. 1) b. Using TWO theoretical models applicable explain how Kraft-Cadbury Plc structure and culture will impact on the management of HR before and after July 2010. (16. 2. 1,2) c.

Critically analyse the THREE policies you identified above (3 a) and make recommendations for improvement and monitoring the improvement. (16. 3. 1,2)


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