Date: Spring 2007 Management 200 [pic] By:- Table of Contents o Introduction ? History of the Organization ? Products and Services ? History in Egypt ? The Aim of the this Project o Mission and Vision of the organization (P. 7) ? Mission Statement ? Products ? Level of Price ? Target Group o Analysis of the Internal Environment of the Organization ? Culture of the Organization o Analysis of the external organization ? Specific Environment ? General Environment Introduction “Impossible is nothing” Adidas Slogan (2002- ) This is what the brand with 3 stripes said.

Adidas is one of the most famous sports gear company in the world and more accurately, it is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Adolf “Adi” Dassler founded Adidas in 1949. Dassler, who was trained as a baker started to produced his own shoes in his mother’s wash kitchen after his return from World War I, all his family supported dassler into starting his own business and this began to pay off when in the 1928 olympics, Adidas equipped several athletes in the tournament, laying the foundation for what was to be a beginning of the story of Adidas.

Adidas a name that stands for competence in all sectors of sport around the globe. The vision of company founder Adolf Dassler has become reality and his corporate philosophy has become a principle for next generations. While his idea was simple it was also brilliant. His aim was to provide the athlete with the best possible equipment. It all began in 1920, when Dassler made his first shoes using few materials available from the First World War. Today Adidas produces a wide range of sports products to different sports and people. The Adidas name dates back to 1948, deriving from the first two syllables of Adi Dassler’s first and last name.

A year later, in 1948, Dassler registered the three stripes as a trademark. After 70 years the dassler family withdrew from the company in 1989 and the enterprise was transformed into cooperation. Products and Services Adidas is a competitive well defined platform. It produces a wide range of products and has a strong presence among teams, athletes, events and leagues. Every sports manufacturing company has an aim of producing and delivering to sports geat to all people to give them the competitive edge and superior products, and more than 60 years later, Adidas hasn’t been an exception.

Adidas group has more than 25,000 employees worldwide, with more than 2,000 working at the company’s headquarters. Aside that, there are a team of designers, product developers and experts that carry out research to make sure products are in excellent condition. Adidas produces a wide range of sports products that are not only wore by people in sports but they are wore by people of all kinds and ages. all kinds of sports, athletes and people that include: Shoes, shirts, jerseys, shorts, bags, watches, eye wear, carry gear and even socks.

Adidas is known for its unique shoes that are designed for sports like soccer to give the player the power and strength and comfort needed like the predator show, or tennis to give the player the speed and efficiency on the pitch PRODUCTS:- Footwear Apparel Equipment Accessories Analysis of the internal and external environment of the organization The environment of the organization is very important for any business or organization…it is the shared values, principles and way of doing things that influence the way of the organization members act and perform.

Adidas is one of the leading brands in sports and it’s important for it to have a strong culture so it can produce products efficiently. In the internal organization, there are 7 factors that affect it, which are:- 1-Attention to detail: Adidas give very strong attention to detail and work of its employees to maintain its top quality productions of work. Adidas works towards creating the best and most productive workplace around the globe by creating a working environment that motivates and stimulates passion and achievement and this leads to the employees to giving 100% on their work. -Outcome Orientation Adidas focus on both how goals are achieved and the results, not just one. As the Adidas Management aim to asses the social and environmental effects of products and technologies and ideas in the development and designing stage. 3-People Orientation Adidas is a large group with a lot of people and they give a importance to effects of decisions on people in the organization. Since Adidas strive to be the leader in sports goods industry, they demand financial results. But despite of this, they just don’t focus on results, it is also about it is achieved.

They act in a good manner and responsibly in the way products are produced and how they market their products. By these actions and they try to improve and respect the lives of workers where Adidas’s vision is to have the group share a set of common set of values which means that Adidas does indeed focus on both results and means to get these results. 4-Team Orientation For Adidas team work is essential, Adidas focuses with its employees on employee empowerment, participation and co-determination.

What Adidas focuses on plays an important rule in managing the Adidas work group. Team work is so important that Adidas has established work councils at all Adidas subsidiaries. The members are elected by work force. 5-Agresseviness Very low because work is team oriented and doesn’t depend on competition between members at all and instead focuses on team work. 6-Stability Adidas maintains a high level of stability, although Adidas is companies who sometimes can afford to take risks since they are already generate a lot of profit.

This was evident in their “Impossible is Nothing” campaign which turned in the end to be very successful, but in the beginning it wasn’t that profitable and the stability of Adidas was in the balance because they weren’t meeting their status quo they were supposed to be meeting. The Reason for this was because the ads focused on the spirit of sports rather than the products, but after a while the campaign’s impact increased and a lot of people began to support Adidas and their products because of this. 7-Inovation and risk talking

Adidas is always inventing new ways to break barriers and bring new ideas on the table to establish itself and distinguish itself among other products, example of this is the “Impossible is nothing” campaign which has become very successful and has integrated famous players to celebrities to list their “Impossible stories” and it has influenced many people around the world in the sports area in their lives. The External environment is factors outside the organization that affect it. 1-Specific Environment (Direct effect)

A-Customers are very important since they determine how successful Adidas is. It is very important that Adidas’s products appeals to customer and better yet when they do, meet the product demands from customers. Satisfying customers is very important since customers are what makes or breaks a company. Adidas always presents customers with new offers and are always looking for events that people are interested in to sponsor so that they can benefit commercially and advertisement with themselves, this is why Adidas strives to do its best to satisfy its customers.

B-Competitors: Adidas at the moment is the 2nd largest sportswear manufacturer in the world after Nike. While Nike was established after Adidas, it received a lot of word of mouth talk about their light running shoes which made Nike’s popularity increase in the last few years, but with the new management systems and advertising campaigns Adidas has been doing, its popularity has started to rise again, although it will be very hard for it to mach Nike’s net income which is close to 1 billion since Nike favored world wide, while Adidas which has a net income of 500 million is more popular in European Countries.

C-Suppliers:- Adidas considers the suppliers and their factories to be the heart of their program and that is why because of Adidas’s concern caused them write their workplace standards, and suppliers that don’t meet them, their contract will be terminated with full effect. Adidas’s supply chain is large, multi tiered and varied. Adidas works with more than 1. 80 independent suppliers from around the world who manufacture Adidas products in 65 Countries. The supply chain is global and has many layers, some are contracted and some are not.

Main suppliers have a direct relationship with Adidas whether for export or for selling the products. Then there are subcontractors that their factories have been contracted by Adidas’s main suppliers. Then there is the Teir 2 Suppliers, which are suppliers to supply maerials, goods and services to the main suppliers. 2-General Environment (indirect effect) Forces that MAY affect Adidas, they are external factors that don’t affect the organization directly but can affect the organization in the long run and managers have to put them in their prespective.

Economic Conditions:- Inflations, intrest rates, disposable income and other economical conditions can affect Adidas in the market if they don’t plan carefully. Political Conditions:- New laws, state laws and even wars can affect Adidas’s state in any country. They have to make sure the country they invest in, nothing will happen that will make them lose money in any way. Demographic conditions: These conditions can influence the physical characteristics of a country, their gender and their location; all these can affect the organization.

Mission and Values We are striving to be the global leader in the sporting goods Industry and this demands that we return strong financial results. But leadership is not only about results, it is also about how success is achieved. We are accountable for the way we do business. In particular, we accept responsibility for the way our products are manufactured by our suppliers. By our actions we can – and should – improve the lives of workers who make our products.


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