The story starts with a unique event.

This is the birth of a baby boy. According to this story, “Death was not at all uncommon in Roaring Camp, but a birth was a new thing. ” This shows the hard condition in the Camp, generally in California at that time. In this camp, there is only a female member; it seems that the camp has no future. However, when the boy was born, this brings a new sense of hope and a positive outlook on the future on the whole camp.

The coming of the baby brought the changes in nature and people in the camp.As for nature, the night scene of the swaying and moaning of the pines, the swift rush of the river and the crackling of the fire at night are replaced by the day one of birds singing, squirrels chattering and the flowers blooming. The space in the camp seems to be lightened, hence a fresh air and a pastoral happiness pervaded there. Like nature, people in the camp also changed. Instead of spending money gambling or doing something, the members of the camp contributed their money in terms of their means to bring up this child.The prospectors, gamblers and the store owners took turns to take care of the baby that they never had to do it before. These men, especially Kentuck, who was unfamiliar with anything “clean”, paid much attention to their appearance, so he often “appeared with a clean shirt and facing shining”.

They decided to clean and whitewash the cabin for improving the environment for the baby growing up. The citizens of this camp wanted to make some plans to attract new people to their town to build economic base as well as find families hopefully to adopt the “Luck” as full time parents.The sound of shouting and yelling was substituted by the sound of a lullaby. This scene is really peaceful . By doing all things above; they desired the best surrounding to rear the child.

Besides, another change is their awareness of the beauty of a flake of glittering mica and a bright pebble from bed of the creek when they were put aside for the baby boy. Obviously, the change in nature and people in the Roaring Camp imply that the positive future is coming there. The nature seems to be friendlier, and the people tend to be more responsible and more caring.The men are learning to love, express their love and enjoy the beauty of nature, and this is the optimistic signal for the whole camp.

As for me, the most touching detail of the story is the way these men took care of the “Luck” in the Roaring Camp. They are criminals, gamblers, prospectors or store owners, and they have to live in bad condition. All these makes them become more reckless and chilly.

But these men changed when the baby was born. They became more responsible and friendlier. For example, they contributed their money to bring up the child, or they took turns to look after him.They also had some plans to create the good environment for the small boy to grow up by limiting the shouting and the yelling, singing a lullaby or rebuilding the cabin. They took care of him as their own child. Moreover, they are men, but they have to bring up a child.

This is really their challenging. However, they tried their best to bring the best thing for this child, and they looked like real parents. If I can say one thing about Kentuck, I will say he is a bravery man. The greatest change takes place in Kentuck, an impoverished miner who feels a strong affection for the child.At the end of the story, after a feak flood which destroyed the settlement, the survivors found Kentuck when he was dying and badly injured by falling debris. He though was holding Luck who was already dead. Kentuck might have saved himself by quickly leaving the shack but chose to remain with baby.

When he knew that he was dying, he still smiled. He looked the death as nothing. All these makes I see him as courageous.

In my opinion, the disastrous ending the story is the act of nature. A flood washed through the camp taking Thomas Luck’s life.The ending is ironic and bitter because it was water that brought gold to the gulches of the mountains in the first place and which gave the miners hope, yet it was water that also ended the hope of Roaring Camp. This detail also helps me see clearly the power of nature and the conflict between nature and people The story is set in 1850 in Roaring Camp, a mining settlement in California. As far as I know, California became a free state in 1850, and the area was virtually lawless with its legal status only becoming defined at the same time. The most typical feature of California circa 1850 was the ongoing Gold Rush.Gold was discovered near Sacramento in 1848, appealing hundreds of thousands of prospectors from around the world to California for the next several years.

While the easily accessed gold deposits would be exhausted by the end of 1850, gold-hungry migrants would keep on coming and looking for gold all across California. The dramatic and sudden increase of immigration was a disaster for coursing Native American populations, who were killed and driven off their lands by gold-hungry miners and farmers. The first people to rush to the gold fields were the residents of California themselves and then many people from ifferent states also came to California.

When the Gold Rush had spread around the world, an overwhelming number of gold-seekers and merchants began to arrive from virtually many countries such as Australia, China, Germany or England. They are miners, merchants or even gifted people from different countries who wanted to look for gold in order to have a better future for themselves, their families and their countries. All of them came to California to achieve their own purpose, but they didn’t see the danger of their arrivals.


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